Fiery Truck Blaze Causes I-95 Highway Collapse in Philadelphia!

Near Philadelphia, a truck fire under an I-95 on-ramp partially caused the roadway to collapse and shut down traffic. NBC 10 Philadelphia, the authorities stopped the route early on Sunday.

At the event’s location, officials were investigating the condition of the road. The authorities of the southbound roadway is “compromised” and the northbound lane collapsed before 8 a.m. on Sunday.

The officials told NBC10 that “the road is gone.” Concrete and roadside debris were visible covering the truck. Initial reports indicated that the vehicle was a tanker truck. Still, officials have not been able to confirm this because they haven’t approached the car close enough to seek the driver.

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Before seven in the morning, smoke and flames emanating from the burning truck not far from the Cottman Avenue/I-95 on-ramp. Around seven in the morning, police cars started obstructing traffic from accessing the highway’s northbound lanes at the exit close to Aramingo Avenue.

No injuries have been recorded, and it is unknown what started the fire. At 7:34 a.m. on Sunday, Fox 29 Philadelphia’s Steve Keeley tweeted,  “95 Shutdown in BOTH directions near Cottman Ave Exit in Northeast Philadelphia. A truck fire in the underpass beneath the highway caused part of 95 to collapse.”

“You can see where the Northbound section of 95 is now gone. The lanes collapsed in from the truck fire underneath. No doubt this section of the major east coast highway will be closed for many days to be repaired,”  he added just before 8 am.

Before the road was closed, Sgt. Mark Fusetti tweeted that his car sank down on the highway because the “road was collapsing” as he went past the event.

Fiery Truck Blaze Causes I-95 Highway Collapse in Philadelphia!

Before 9 a.m. on Sunday, Captain Derrick Bowmer of the Philadelphia Fire Department stated that subsurface explosions were also caused by runoff from the burning truck.

He reportedly said, “We will be here for a while,” to NBC10. “We have fire coming out of those manholes,” the witness reported. He continued that drivers should stay away from the region since the roads will take time to reopen.

Josh Shapiro, a Democrat and the governor of Pennsylvania, stated on Sunday morning that he had been briefed on the incident. In a statement, Mr. Shapiro “For now, please avoid the area and follow the direction of the first responders on the scene.”

On Sunday morning, the truck was covered in concrete and road trash. The resemblance to a fire in the city in March 1996 involved an illegal tire dump beneath the highway, which caused the guard rails to melt and the pavement buckling.

The highway was shut down entirely for several weeks and just partially for six months. By Philadelphia Inquirer, seven teenagers were ultimately charged with arson, and the dump’s owner was given a sentence of seven to 14 years in jail and compelled to pay $3 million of the $6.5 million repair price.

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