The Boys Season 4 Release Date: What Has Showrunner Eric Kripke Confirmed for it?

The Season 3 conclusion of the smash series. The Boys on Amazon Prime answered numerous fan questions regarding Soldier Boy’s dark past and Ryan Butcher’s supernatural abilities. The Boys is a deftly produced parody of the prevalent superhero culture and their actual links to the American military-industrial complex.

The first episode of Season 3 followed the surprising and memorable starts of the previous seasons, referring to the NSFW Ant-Man and Thanos meme that was popular online before Avengers: Endgame.

The Boys’ commentary has been kept current by changes to the source material. However, this sometimes makes it pointless to look to comics for solutions. What can viewers expect from the forthcoming season?

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

The Boys, an Amazon Prime Original, finished airing Season 3 this past summer 2022, and Season 4 was quickly ordered. The cast was confirmed to be filming Season 4 in Toronto in August 2022 due to stolen on-set pictures.

The much-awaited season’s filming is reportedly scheduled to end in March 2023. According to current production schedules, The Boys will likely return in the fall of 2023.

Latest News of The Boys Season 4

There are too many possibilities to select from, making it impossible to pinpoint The Boys’ most awful moment. However, VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet hinted that The Boys Season 4 might bring something worse. Fleet tweeted on Jan. 12:

“I think I just saw the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far,”

The Boys’ official account then quote tweeted with the words, “Season 4, rated PG!!!” Whatever it may be, we’re preparing our puke bags for when the new chapter arrives.

What Has Showrunner Eric Kripke Confirmed for Season 4?

Shortly after the Season 3 finale aired, showrunner Eric Kripke spoke with E! News. He acknowledged that the conflict between The Butcher and Homelander over Ryan would be the focus of Season 4, likening it to the 1980s sitcom My Two Dads plot.

In the interview, he stated that he sees similarities between The Butcher and Homelander, comparing their dynamic to Batman and The Joker or Holmes and Moriarty.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date
The Boys Season 4 Release Date

There is an intimate understanding between them in addition to a profound, personal loathing. The two guys share many more similarities than they’d want to admit as Ryan gets older and the stakes get higher. According to Kripke, Victoria Neuman’s ascent will also be a significant theme of the upcoming season.

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