The Last of Us Episode 8 Cast: Who Plays David and James?

Throughout their journeys since the start of The Last Of Us, Joel and Ellie have seen several new and familiar individuals. The same can be true of episode 8, but who is in the cast?

Although based on one of the most cherished video games in history, HBO’s The Last Of Us adaptation hasn’t been afraid to make some adjustments and departures from the original material, including changing plotlines and adding new characters.

To elaborate on one of the game’s most terrifying villains, The Last of Us Episode 8 introduces viewers to an entirely new cast of individuals.

The Last of Us Episode 8 Cast

As has been the case throughout The Last Of Us series, episode 8 continues the journey of its two main characters while bringing several guest actors to the ensemble to give the next deadly adventure some flavor.

Main Cast:

  • Pedro Pascal as Joel
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie

Guest Star Spotlight

The Last of Us Episode 8 Cast
The Last of Us Episode 8 Cast

Scott Shepherd as David

The scary David from The Last Of Us, played by Scott Shepherd, kicks off our list of episode 8’s cast members.

The actor, born in North Carolina, has worked in the business since 1995. Still, his most notable performances have come in the past ten years, with prominent roles in films like Bridge of Spies, And So It Goes, 2016, Jason Bourne, the TV series The Young Pope, Wormwood, True Detective, Breaking Bad film El Camino, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Troy Baker as James

Fans of The Last of Us shouldn’t need an introduction to Troy Baker as the actor delivered Joel’s voice and performance capture in the first video game. In the HBO dramatization, he plays James, one of David’s followers.

Since the start of his career, Baker has earned nearly 400 credits, primarily through voice acting roles. He made notable appearances in the most recent God Of War games, Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor and its Shadow Of War sequel, Far Cry 4, where he voiced Pagan Min, the Batman Arkham games, various Mortal Kombat games, Bioshock: Infinite, where he played Booker DeWitt, and a plethora of other games.

Ari Rombough as Joyce

Ari Rombough, who plays Hannah’s mother, Joyce, appears in episode 8 and looks suspiciously at a tub containing pieces of questionable “venison” meat. The actress has played only a few roles, but several stands out: Joe Pickett, the Fargo TV series, Black Summer, Red Letter Day, and the Hulu comedy series Jann.

Sonia Maria Chirila as Hannah

presenting as the bereaved Hannah, who plays Sonia Maria Chirila in episode 8, is a relative novice to the acting world with only seven jobs under her belt.

The young actress, who has only recently made her acting debut, has roles in The Detectives, Reliving Marilyn, and The Ideal Soulmate in addition to the Stephen King horror films It: Chapter Two and Pet Sematary.

Nelson Leis as Josiah

In episode 8, Canadian actor Nelson Leis plays one of David’s survivors, Josiah. Fans will probably be most familiar with Nelson from his roles in the 2022 film Prey and the television series The Flash, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Supernatural, When Calls The Heart, and The Flash.

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Jason Vaisvila as Marco

In the cast of episode 8, Jason Vaisvila plays Marco in a supporting role. The actor has appeared in several other films and television shows besides The Last of Us, including Yellowjackets, Supernatural, Supergirl, and the 2006 movie Night At The Museum, where he played a Viking.

Benjamin Rogers as Timothy

Another of David’s followers, Benjamin Rogers, arrives as our final character. Throughout the past two decades, the actor has played recurring parts on our screens in shows including The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, Odd Empire, Travelers, Second Chance, and most recently, Loudermilk.

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