The Truth About the Missing MH370 Flight and Victims is Explored in a Netflix Doc

The newest limited series on Netflix aims to solve the puzzle surrounding the victims of the missing commercial flight MH370. Many people are interested in learning about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, including how many passengers were on board and whether any bodies were discovered.

The peculiar circumstances surrounding the Malaysian Airlines Aircraft when it first vanished in 2014 are difficult to forget. Over ten years later, the world’s largest streaming service, Netflix, has decided to attempt to uncover the truth regarding the victims of the missing MH370 flight.

A limited 3-part series called MH370: The Aircraft That Disappeared brings together the writings of several journalists, victims’ families, and scientists still looking for answers.

The first episode describes the first few days and hours after the jet vanished. Experts are interviewed in Episode 2 to investigate the relationship between the flight and another Malaysian airliner that disappeared the following year. The last episode examines individuals still looking for answers and the little information uncovered during the 16-month quest.

The documentary series promises to present a complete picture of everything experts know about MH370 and its passengers, from conspiracy theories and false allegations to interviews with the victim’s next of kin.

How Many Passengers Were on the Mh370?

According to USA Today, two hundred thirty-nine passengers and staff were on board the missing MH370 airplane. 12 Malaysian staff members and 227 passengers from 14 countries were on board. Captain Xaharie Ahmad Shah, a 53-year-old Penang native, was the pilot in charge. He had flown for an outstanding total of 18,365 hours.

The co-pilot had logged 2,763 hours in the air, unlike his captain. First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid was his name.

Were the Bodies of the Mh370 Passengers Found?

The Truth About the Missing MH370 Flight and Victims is Explored in a Netflix Doc
The Truth About the Missing MH370 Flight and Victims is Explored in a Netflix Doc

Regrettably, nobody has ever been discovered alive from the Malaysian 370 flight. After the jet vanished in 2014, Malaysia, China, and Australia organized a 3-year search that ended in early 2017. Despite extensive efforts, no explanation for what happened to the airplane or its passengers was ever given.

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Calls for Another Search by Mh370 Victims’ Relatives

The relatives of the flight’s missing passengers and crew have requested a new search for the aircraft, according to The Guardian. According to the article, another search for the missing plane was carried out in 2018 by a US marine robotics company. There were no further discoveries after the search in the Indian Ocean.

Voice370, a group of passengers’ relatives, has fervently pleaded with authorities to use Ocean Infinity for another search. Newsweek statement from the group declared. However, the Malaysian government has repeatedly stated it will not support a further investigation without new evidence:

“As long as we remain in the dark about what happened to MH370, we will never be able to prevent a similar tragedy”

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