Beyond Paradise Episode 3 Cast: Meet the Guest Stars for This Week!

Who will join Kris Marshall in the cast of episode 3 of Beyond Paradise when it returns to our screens this week for another riveting mystery?

Humphrey and the team are asked to look into the disappearance of a priceless painting in the third episode of the Death In Paradise spinoff, which continues its murder-free streak after incidents of attempted murder and a missing family.

While Humphrey might have gotten used to his new surroundings by this point, Beyond Paradise keeps surprising the detective with fresh and recognizable characters as several guest stars join the cast of episode 3.

Beyond Paradise Episode 3 Cast

Beyond Paradise is planned to follow a central cast of people throughout the series, with each episode introducing many guest stars, much like the original Death In Paradise series. A new cast member for Beyond Paradise episode 3 is:

Guest Star Spotlight

Beyond Paradise Episode 3 Cast
Beyond Paradise Episode 3 Cast

Rufus Jones as Terence Witham

Rufus Jones, who plays art dealer Terence Witham and is the current owner of the famed Solo Mare artwork, comes first in our cast list for episode 3. Since making his movie debut in the 2002 miniseries White Teeth, the actor born in London has been a regular on our screens.

Jones has now taken on more than 100 parts, some of which include prominent ones in the movies Mongrels, Bob Servant Independent, Edge of Heaven, The Casual Vacancy, Hunderby, W1A, Home, Flack, Dodger, the films Stan & Ollie, and 2014’s Paddington.

Pooky Quesnel as Louise Fitzallan

Pooky Quesnel, an actress from Salford, appears in episode 3 as Louise Fitzallan, the owner of Shipton Manor, who plans to buy the priceless piece of art.

Her most well-known parts include EastEnders, Thief Takers, Family Affairs, Silent Witness, Doctors, Waterloo Road, Class, The Larkins, The A Word, and its 2022 spinoff, Ralph & Katie. The actress has approximately 100 roles on her resume.

Annette Badland as Isla Joy

Many viewers will recognize veteran actress Annette Badland as she plays the part of nearby artist Isla Joy in episode 3, who has a personal connection to the works.

Since 1975, Badland has appeared on our screens in almost 170 film and television roles. Her most prominent positions, however, are probably those she played as Babe Smith on EastEnders for more than 200 episodes and in Doctor Who, Bergerac, Cutting It, Wizards vs. Aliens, Outlander, Ted Lasso, Big Boys, and Midsomer Murders.

Aaron Cole as Taylor Uttley

The next performer is Aaron Cole, a newbie to acting who is making his TV debut in Beyond Paradise. Aaron has already booked his next job, which will be in the ITV series Three Little Birds, written by Lenny Henry. However, it may be his first step into TV acting.

The following television shows’ casts may pique your attention as well:

Jade Harrison as Chief Superintendent Charlie Woods

And finally, much like Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in Death In Paradise, we’ll wrap up with a cast member that will probably return throughout the series. Jade Harrison, who plays Chief Superintendent Charlie Woods, is that cast member.

Harrison, born in Wandsworth, has over 20 years of experience in shows like Grange Hill, Silent Witness, Hollyoaks, The Stranger, Queens Of Mystery, The Midwich Cuckoos, and Wedding Season on Hulu and Disney+.

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