Tragic Tornado Claims Four Members Of One Family In Autauga County!

Tragic Tornado: According to the sheriff’s office, four members of the same family were among the seven individuals murdered in Autauga County, Alabama, last week as a strong tornado devastated the region.

The Autauga County Sheriff’s Office stated in a news release on Saturday that the four fatalities were connected and lived in two homes on Sandy Ridge Road in Prattville, some 27 miles northwest of Montgomery: According to the announcement, Tessa Celeste Desmet, 21, and Christopher Allen Cobrin Jr., 46, shared a house with Robert Gardner Jr., 70, and Deanna Marie Corbin, 59.

The relationship between the victims was not made clear. According to the press statement, Carmen Cox Autery, 59, who also lived on Sandy Ridge Road, Andrea Sue Taylor, 61, and Solomon Antiono Smith, 50, were the other three people killed in Autauga County.

Tragic Tornado Claims Four Members Of One Family In Autauga County
Tragic Tornado Claims Four Members Of One Family In Autauga County

Numerous preliminary tornado reports were made for Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky, but Autauga County was particularly heavily struck. The National Weather Service gave the wind an EF-3 rating, which indicates that it produced gusts of at least 136 mph.

Teams proceeded to assess the damage in the area on Sunday to ascertain whether the same tornado continued into Coosa and Tallapoosa counties, according to the National Weather Service office in Birmingham. According to the sheriff’s office, “this massive tornado blasted through Autauga County, leaving behind considerable destruction of houses and property for many miles.”

“Hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed in the communities of Old Kingston, Posey’s Crossroads, White City, and Marbury.” Overall, the storms claimed the lives of at least nine people, two of whom died in Georgia—a 5-year-old kid and Sean Kornacki, a state Department of Transportation official named in a note to department staff.

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The memo from Commissioner Russell R. McMurry stated, “He was tragically slain in the line of duty early this morning while responding to clear debris in the road following yesterday night’s storms.” The White House stated in a news release early on Sunday that President Joe Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for the state of Alabama and ordered government help to be made available to support recovery efforts.

According to the press release, residents impacted in Autauga and Dallas counties will now have access to federal cash. According to the announcement, help can be used for “grants for temporary housing and house repairs, low-cost loans to replace uninsured property damages, and other programs.”

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