Triple H Discusses A Wrestler Drive, Will The Rock Return To WWE?

Triple H Discusses A Wrestler Drive, Will The Rock Return To WWE?: Although he is officially retired, there will always be, for a figure of his caliber, the opportunity to return, and that one is set for Wrestlemania 2023.

The Rock is one of the most beloved stars in WWE history, having captivated thousands of fans of the wrestling company with his brilliant performances in the ring throughout his career.

Although The Rock initially retired at the turn of the millennium, he has made multiple appearances in WWE shows and at the company’s major events since then.

More than half a year remains until Wrestlemania 39 in 2023, so the door is open for the ex-wrestler turned Hollywood celebrity.

In A Statement, Triple H Revealed This

After Vince McMahon‘s retirement, the corporation brought in a new creative director, who, in an interview with British media outlet BT Sport, left the door open for the iconic Dwayne Johnson to make a comeback in a different outfit.

Triple H is certain of one thing: The Rock would want to experience the rush of entering the ring one more, along with all the other elements of the road that comprise a show like WrestleMania.

The Rock Has Expressed To Triple H His Desire To Experience “That Adrenaline”

Triple H, who made it clear that filming on a set could never replicate the excitement of performing in front of a live audience, stated, “I had that chat with him and he’s told me that.”

The Rock, Triple H said, “wants to feel that adrenaline rush one more time.” Each day brings us that much closer to Wrestlemania.

Triple H is already beginning to plan what would be a total success, as the venue of the WWE’s top event will be the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, a city where The Rock is beloved for his movies.

However, at this time, neither the return of The Rock nor the number of times he will be seen in the ring are certain facts.

Triple H made it clear that the perfect candidate would be Dwayne Johnson’s real-life cousin Roman Runs, who has had one of the company’s longest reigns as champion and who fans would be thrilled to see in the ring together.

The only thing stopping The Rock from returning to the ring is his own hesitation about whether or not to embrace Triple H’s plan.


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