Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Renewed by Netflix: Will It Premiere in 2024?

The third season of the famous historical drama Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix will premiere in 2019. The streamer published a video revealing the next leg of our heroes’ trip on its Twitter page to convey the news. Although a year seems like a long time to wait, with snippets like these, the anticipation can only increase.

Freydis Eriksdottr (Frida Gustavsson), Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett), and Harald Sigursson (Leo Suter), the show’s three main characters, left on separate travels at the end of season two of Vikings: Valhalla. Freydis’ trip to give birth to her son led her to the fabled Viking stronghold of Jomsborg.

On the other hand, Leif and Harald undertook a perilous voyage over the Baltic Sea to Constantinople. We can only speculate as to what the upcoming season holds for them given that their divergent paths appear to be pulling them more apart from one another.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Renewed by Netflix
Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Renewed by Netflix

On February 25, 2022, the show, shot throughout Ireland’s picturesque nation, made its Netflix debut. Since then, it has gained popularity by drawing viewers into well-known Vikings’ thrilling tales and adventures as they forge new paths throughout Europe and examining tensions between the Pagans and Christians among the Vikings.

The teaser posted on Netflix’s Twitter teases a season of new journeys, discovery of recent locations, and blood and brutal conflicts, even if the plot for the adventures of the third edition, planned for release in 2024, has not been revealed.

In an interview with Collider’s own Steve Weintraub, Creator Jeb Stuart teased what fans can anticipate in this upcoming installment, which he feels will surpass anything that has come before. Gustavsson, Corlett, and Suter will all be back for the third season.

Vikings Valhalla has been officially renewed for Season 3 by Netflix: You can also check the tweet below:

Aside from Goran Visnjic’s addition as Erik the Red, we do not know much about the cast for the upcoming season. Still, we can presume that David Oakes, Laura Berlin, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Bradley Freegard will all be back.

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Vikings: Jeb Stuart invented Valhalla. Stuart, Michael Hirst, Morgan O’Sullivan, Sherry Marsh, and Alan Gasmer served as the show’s executive producers. Cait Collins and Mark Murdoch are the producers.

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