VPCabs Net Worth 2022: What Happened To Company From Shark Tank?

VPCabs Net Worth: Several pinball games are available on the VPCabs Virtual Pinball Machine, a special pinball machine. Retrofitted devices of various types are utilized to make pinball games. The Vertigo, The Wizard, and The Classic are the three that stand out as outstanding.

The plywood, graphic cards, and monitors were used to build the game. A fresh take on a traditional arcade game is a virtual pinball game. A high-definition digital display has taken the place of the machine’s physical surface, enabling it to play an infinite number of games, even uncommon and obscure titles.

The gameplay has the same knocking, clicking, shaking, and visual distractions like the ball, bumpers, and flippers as a traditional pinball machine. You may even push the mechanism to move the ball. You won’t even realize you’re playing on a computer because they are so lifelike.

Four versions of virtual pinball machines are offered by VPCabs. The Vertigo cabinet is even more space-efficient because it has a stand-up display instead of a table. A pinball machine with a trackball, buttons from an arcade, and a joystick.

The Classic resembles a typical pinball machine outside. The catalog of Pinball FX2 games contains more than 60 titles. The system contains a 40-inch monitor and a strong audio system. One of the most cutting-edge virtual pinball machines accessible right now is Wizard.

A state-of-the-art haptic feedback mechanism improves the virtual machine’s realism. The Mini has all of the characteristics of the larger models but is roughly two-thirds the size. VPCabs can also create a machine specifically for you based on your unique requirements.

Using a virtual machine greatly reduces the footprint and floor area needed to set up an arcade or business and provides a wide range of games. In man caves and game rooms at home, pinball machines are also very common.

Who Is The Founder Of VPcabs?

The creator of VPCabs Virtual Pinball is Brad Baker. Baker has spent the majority of his adult life working for himself. The natural progression from this event was VPCabs. At the company, Brad showed his leadership abilities, which prompted its growth.

He still holds the position of CEO of VPCabs. Baker’s brother requested his help after fifteen years in the audio/video industry. His massive arcade included a busted pinball machine. He was the arcade’s owner. Brad was given the job of digitizing the device after his brother pushed him.

They spent a lot of time attempting to work out the practicalities before creating a prototype of the VPcab. Brad didn’t think of it as a firm until he started getting more and more requests for computers. Would the Sharks be open to taking part as well?

VPCabs Net Worth
VPCabs Net Worth

VPcabs Before Shark Tank

Unknowingly, Baker’s sibling propelled him toward entrepreneurship. Baker adapted a vintage pinball machine to run video games when his brother, who owned an arcade, asked him to. After successfully installing the game, Baker received numerous additional orders from nearby business owners. Also, check our trending articles, PittMoss Net Worth and Hot Tot Net Worth.

When he discovered that he could not finish all of the orders from his garage, he was compelled to move. In conclusion, the idea behind this company was brilliant beyond belief. The board and electronic parts of the virtual pinball machines only require a single investment.

The buyer has access to a huge selection of pinball games after the board and electronic components are installed. For the company, this presented an interesting opportunity. In Baker’s case, he comfortably made 50% on the pinballs he sold, but he was certain that he could boost his success even further with a Shark’s help.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of VPcabs?

Brad asked for a $200,000 investment in Shark Tank in exchange for a 10% ownership in VPCabs. Daymond John proposed a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in VPCabs. Brad Baker enthusiastically agreed.

What Happened To VPcabs After Shark Tank?

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, VPcabs has doubled the number of shows and events they frequently visit and take part in. Likely, Steam will eventually provide The Pinball Arcade. A Back to the Future pinball machine from VPcabs was given to a charity event at Wizard World Chicago.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation, which conducts research into Parkinson’s disease, as well as the Parkinson’s Association, profited from the fundraising. They have a Facebook page, and their website allows you to buy pinball machines for your use.

VPcabs Shark Tank Update

VPCabs’ sales have skyrocketed to a million dollars after signing a deal with Daymond John, who later negotiated to license and brand agreements with other businesses. The agreement between Daymond Jogn and VPCabs was one of Daymond’s top five transactions on Shark Tank in 2017.

Less than a year after making its Shark Tank debut, VPCabs garnered an estimated $1 million in revenue. As of June 2022, VPCabs is still operating and brings in between $3 and $5 million annually.

Is VPcabs Still In Business?

Since making an appearance on Shark Tank, Baker has grown his company, and in 2017 he relocated it from his garage to a shop in Fairfield, Ohio. Due to its growth, the company now needs extra space.

In Hamilton, Ohio, a wealthy community, Virtual Pinball declared in June 2018 that it would move into a larger structure, The Pinball Garage, which will also house a bar and restaurant. The Bakers assert that since appearing on Shark Tank and deciding to collaborate with John, their business has sold 300 to 500 devices annually.

VPCabs Net Worth

When VPCabs made its appearance on Shark Tank, it was valued at $2 million. As of 2022, VPCabs has a $5 million net worth.

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