Did Nicolas Cage As Superman Fought Giant Spider!

DC Comics fans were naturally excited and curious when director Andy Muschietti left a secret that Nicolas Cage would appear in “The Flash” as Superman. How, exactly, would a 59-year-old actor get to wear the cape and tights in a superhero movie?

We finally reached the end of the line. Now that “The Flash” has hit theaters, audiences can witness SuperCage in all its glory. But if you’re wondering why Nicolas Cage is playing Superman, rest assured: the reason for his cameo is steeped in history.

Nicolas Cage’s Superman Fights a Giant Spider

There is a scene in “The Flash” where Nicolas Cage plays Superman using his heat vision to battle a giant spider. In the scenario, Superman is surrounded by a swarm of little spiders before using his powers to extinguish them and kill the enormous spider.

Only then does he realize that a doorway in the sky is causing the multiverse to expand. Tim Burton, the director of “Batman,” had planned for the actor to feature in his own Superman film in the 1990s, titled “Superman Lives.”

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According to the 2015 film “The Deαth of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?” by Jon Schnepp. The comic book scenario “The Deαth of Superman” was to serve as the basis for the movie.

The company went through several scripts written by writers like Wesley Strick, Dan Gilroy, and Kevin Smith, but producer Jon Peters was one of the key influences behind the movie.

Peters insisted that the big showdown should not feature Superman taking on yet another masked adversary. He had a more gruesome vision of a gigantic monster spider.

Was Nicolas Cage Superman

Peters described his idea for the movie to Schnepp, referring to it as the “Thanagarian Snare Beast,” before saying, “I stole it from Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.’ This giant squid that tries to swallow up this submarine. So Superman would fight every tentacle— getting closer and closer to this beak — until he killed it. It would’ve made an amazing sequence! Amazing!”

Tim Burgard, a storyboard artist, created the spider’s designs, which were displayed in the documentary and demonstrated the size at which the creature was intended to be. It resembles a scene from a “Godzilla” movie.

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Burgard stated: “All these little face-hugger mini spiders are coming down and covering Superman. He’s not going up against a supervillain, he’s going against the Alien, or the Predator, or something that will try and kill him and maybe eat him or lay eggs in his eyeballs! That is super cool because it takes it to a different level that we haven’t seen before.”

Director Andy Muschietti and author Christina Hodson wanted to finally bring the entire moment to life in “The Flash,” little spiders and All.

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