We Have a Ghost Release Date: When is It Coming to Netflix?

David Harbour seems to be having a lot of success portraying fanciful characters, from a swashbuckling Santa in Violent Night to a welcoming local ghost in We Have a Ghost. We can’t wait to see the Stranger Things actor in his new role as the main ghost named Ernest in the upcoming horror comedy.

We have a Ghost, a film written and directed by Christopher Landon and starring Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge among many others, is based on the short tale Ernest by Geoff Manaugh. The story revolves around a little boy named Kevin who becomes famous on social media after finding a ghost in the attic of his new home.

But, when Kevin tries to delve into Ernest’s background and attempt to learn what transpired to him, they rapidly become CIA targets. This Netflix original family film, set for release in February, is ideal for an enjoyable and comfortable movie night.

We Have a Ghost Release Date

We Have a Ghost Release Date
We Have a Ghost Release Date

We Have a Ghost and several other movies, initially slated to hit theaters in 2022 as seen in the 2022 Netflix movie teaser above, were delayed to 2023, as we discovered in August 2022.

What’s on Netflix exclusively announced in January 2023 that Netflix was considering releasing We Have a Ghost on February 24th, 2023. The release date was subsequently verified by Netflix via Empire Online.

Is There a We Have a Ghost Trailer?

We Have a Ghost’s official trailer, which Netflix will debut on January 26, 2023, contains several action-adventure moments and is sure to bring back memories of old-fashioned ghost stories.

It’s possible to compare it to Casper and Ghost Hunters, except that the CIA is the hunter and the ghost is an older, balding man wearing a bowling shirt rather than a charming young boy. The two-and-a-half-minute clip summarizes the main plot points of the film, such as the introduction of the main characters and how they meet Ernest, among other things.

Yesterday on February 23, David Harbour posted a tweet regarding We Have a Ghost, which you can scroll down to see:

Usually, the live protagonists in ghost movies appear to be frightened by the spirit’s presence, but since We Have a Ghost is a comedy, the characters seem to be making the most of their new circumstances and becoming an internet phenomenon.

Ernest played by Harbour appears to be a straightforward ghost confined in the attic who, rather than running after people, appears to be afraid of them. Ernest’s inability to communicate is also revealed in the trailer, adding to the character’s fascination.

It will be interesting to watch how Ernest, played by Harbour, tells his tale to his new friends without any language (unless it is in flashbacks). The movie is anticipated to be plenty of comedic action, as the video demonstrates, with Ernest traveling in a car with the kids, running through walls, etc.

You can find out more about the following wonderful programs that are available on Netflix:

We Have a Ghost appears to be a humorous and enjoyable family production where some of Hollywood’s most well-known personalities will ride a ghost on a rollercoaster.

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