What Happened to Big Chief? Why Did He Quit Street Outlaws?

Big Chief has been on Street Outlaws since it started in 2013. His real name is Justin Sheaver, and he was a big part of the show and the street racing scene in OKC. He raced with his team 405 and helped organize races. Big Chief became popular for being cool and a great racer as the show and its spinoffs continued.

But lately, fans noticed he’s not in the show anymore, even though his team 405 still races. New seasons of other shows like No Prep Kings and America’s List happened, but Big Chief wasn’t there. It seems he left the show for good, but we want to know why. Let’s find out more about why Big Chief isn’t on Street Outlaws anymore.

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Why Did Big Chief Quit Street Outlaws?

Big Chief surprised fans by not being in the last two seasons of Street Outlaws, and there was no official statement from him or the show about why. Fans thought it might be for personal reasons, and some expected him to be back for the fourth season of No Prep Kings in 2021.

Big Chief even shared on Instagram that he was getting his car ready for the show, but he didn’t show up in the actual episodes. This made fans wonder if he got kicked off.

In March 2022, Big Chief explained in a video on his YouTube channel why he left the show. He said he disagreed with how the show was being made and wanted it to stay more focused on real street racing. He didn’t feel right being a race organizer if he had to follow rules he didn’t think were good for the racing community.

Big Chief also hinted that he wasn’t comfortable with the show making arguments between him and other cast members seem more dramatic than they really were.

Another cast member, James Goad (also called “Reaper”), made a response video where he questioned Big Chief’s reasons and character. In the 40-minute video, Goad accused Big Chief of being manipulative and making the show uncomfortable for him and other racers.

We can’t be sure why Big Chief left the show, but you can keep up with him on his Instagram and YouTube channel where he posts regularly.

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