What Happened to Eddie Guerrero? How Did the WWE Star Died?

Join us as we delve into the untold story of what happened to Eddie Guerrero, the beloved WWE icon. From the highs of his wrestling triumphs to the lows of his tragic end, let’s explore the remarkable journey and enduring legacy of a man who left an indelible mark on the world of sports entertainment.

What Happened to Eddie Guerrero?

Eddie Guerrero was a famous wrestler who competed in different wrestling organizations like WCW and WWE. Unfortunately, he passed away on November 13, 2005, when he was 38 years old. He died of severe heart failure. Eddie had struggled with drug and alcohol problems in the past, and this might have affected his heart.

Before his passing, Eddie had been clean and sober for many years. His death was a big surprise for the wrestling world and his fans.

Even though he’s gone, people still celebrate his legacy in wrestling. He’s considered one of the best wrestlers ever because of his talent, charm, and his ability to connect with fans.

Eddie Guerrero’s WWE Legacy

Eddie Guerrero was an awesome wrestler in WWE. He joined in 2000 and became really popular because he was so good in the ring and had a great personality.

While he was there, he won a bunch of championships, like the Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship, European Championship, United States Championship, WWE Championship, and World Heavyweight Championship.

One of the coolest moments was at WrestleMania XX in 2004 when he beat Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship. It was a big deal because Eddie had faced a lot of challenges in his life and worked super hard to become a top wrestler.

Sadly, he passed away in 2005, and it was a big loss for WWE and all the fans. But he’s still remembered as one of the absolute best wrestlers ever.

How Did Eddie Guerrero Died?

Eddie Guerrero was 38 years old when he died on November 13, 2005. The cause of his death was acute heart failure. Heart failure that comes on quickly means the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.

Eddie had arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, which makes the arteries hard and small. This was the main cause of his heart failure. Eddie had a past of being addicted to drugs and alcohol, which may have made his heart condition worse.

He did not have any drugs or alcohol in his body when he died, though, according to toxicology results. Fans and people in the wrestling world were shocked when Eddie died because he had been sober for a few years before he died.

People still remember him as one of the best wrestlers of all time and praise his legacy in professional wrestling. Eddie’s death also brought attention to the risks of drug abuse and how important it is to take care of your heart. Since then, a lot of athletes and fans have worked to bring attention to heart disease and drug abuse in Eddie’s name.

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Eddie Guerrero Children

Eddie Guerrero had two sons, Shaul and Eduardo Jr. Shaul was born on October 14, 1990, and Eduardo Jr., also called “Eddie Guerrero Jr.” or “Eddie III,” was born on October 20, 2002.

Both of his sons decided to become wrestlers, just like their dad. Shaul started her wrestling career in 2010 with WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling.

She later signed with WWE and used the ring name Raquel Diaz before leaving the company in 2014. Eduardo Jr. began his wrestling journey in 2018 under the name “Eddie Guerrero Jr.”

He’s also been involved in promoting his father’s legacy and appeared at events honoring Eddie. Eddie Guerrero was a beloved dad, and his sons are keeping his legacy alive in the wrestling world.

Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL in WWE’s Rivalry of 2004

Eddie Guerrero and JBL, also known as John Bradshaw Layfield, had a famous rivalry in WWE in 2004. JBL acted as a character called “The Wrestling God,” saying he was the real champion of WWE.

Eddie, on the other hand, was a fan favorite and the WWE Champion at the time. Their rivalry ended in a match at WWE’s Judgment Day 2004 event, where JBL beat Eddie to become the WWE Champion. It was a controversial match because JBL won by hitting Eddie with the championship belt while the referee wasn’t looking.

Eddie Guerrero vs JBL (Great American Bash, 2004)

Their rivalry continued through the summer of 2004, and Eddie eventually got the WWE Championship back from JBL at WWE’s Great American Bash event in July.

Their feud helped make JBL’s wrestling career even bigger and made Eddie one of WWE’s top stars. Outside of their wrestling story, Eddie and JBL were close friends and respected each other a lot. After Eddie passed away in 2005, JBL paid tribute to him on WWE shows and still speaks well of him today.


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