Eddie Guerrero Cause of Death: Wrestling’s Heartbreaking Loss!

Eddie Guerrero, a famous wrestler who passed away in 2005, became a hot topic on Twitter because someone called him a “B+ player.” Many wrestling fans and personalities on Twitter defended him, with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley saying Eddie was an “A+ player.”

Eddie Guerrero was known for being a very charismatic WWE Superstar and is remembered as one of the best in wrestling history. His sudden death in 2005 shocked the wrestling community.

Eddie Guerrero Cause of Death
Eddie Guerrero Cause of Death

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Eddie Guerrero Cause of Death

Eddie Guerrero had his last wrestling match on November 11, 2005, and won against Mr. Kennedy, earning a spot on Team SmackDown for Survivor Series 2005. On November 13, Eddie was found unconscious in a hotel in Minneapolis by his nephew Chavo Guerrero, who was also a WWE wrestler.

It was later found during Eddie Guerrero’s medical examination that he died because of sudden heart failure caused by heart disease. Chavo Guerrero mentioned in an interview that Eddie was barely holding on to life when he found him.

Eddie Guerrero was a very popular wrestler at the time of his death and is a WWE Hall of Famer. He started as a Cruiserweight wrestler in WCW in the 90s and became a strong mid-card performer in WWE.

Randy Orton paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero on the 15-year anniversary of his death:


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In early 2004, Eddie had a significant moment when he beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at No Way Out, which is considered one of the most heartwarming moments in wrestling.

He defended the title successfully against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX but lost it to JBL in a Texas Bullrope match at The Great American Bash. Eddie continued to be a prominent figure in WWE.

Eddie Guerrero’s impact on wrestling is remarkable, and many wrestlers credit him for their careers. He is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers ever and a trailblazer in the industry.

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