WWE Raw Results September 19: Winners, Grades And Match Highlights!

We hope you will enjoy Bleacher Report’s coverage of WWE Raw on September 19. Two significant contests were announced in advance for this week’s program, one of which was for a title that has recently attracted a lot of interest.

The second pre-advertised match was Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory, in which Bobby Lashley faced Seth Rollins for the United States Championship. Let’s review everything that transpired during this week’s episode of Raw.

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins (U.S. Title)

As soon as the program started, Rollins made his entrance for his match against Lashley for the U.S. title. WWE gave them plenty of time, as the doors and official introductions took little over five minutes.

The All Might had the advantage in terms of power, but this was not a cruiserweight match. Lashley was kept on his toes for most of the game by The Visionary, who is taller, stronger, more agile, and slightly faster than Lashley.

To counter some of Rollins’ most powerful moves, the former MMA fighter kept coming up with inventive ways to employ his tremendous strength. They did an excellent job of arranging the contest so that the challenger was in charge the majority of the time in a convincing manner.

The Superstars in the ring did not let the enthusiastic crowd down by performing poorly. It almost seems strange that this wasn’t scheduled as the main event because management had to know that it would be a fantastic match.

Rollins was sidetracked when Matt Riddle appeared, which allowed Lashley to win by spearing him. Although a clean ending would have been ideal, the interference makes some sense, given how WWE has been hyping Riddle vs. Rollins over the past few weeks.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Grade: A-

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai were in attendance for the extraordinary Women’s Tag Team Championship celebration. They had a lot of streamers, and Bayley drove a unique golf cart to the ring.

On this week’s show episode, Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss confronted them and challenged the former Hugger to a match. As soon as Owens entered the ring, Theory assaulted him, but this only appeared to inspire KO to finish off his youthful opponent.

The newest Mr. Money in the Bank didn’t give up lightly and swiftly took control of the situation. As the show cut to commercial, The Prize Fighter once more found himself in a defensive position.

These two engaged in a pleasant physical fight that spread throughout the ringside area. Although Theory is already a fantastic athlete, Owens raises everyone’s game even more. The arrival of Johnny Gargano stopped Theory from using the MITB briefcase, allowing The Prize Fighter to throw the Popup Powerbomb to secure the victory successfully.

It’s not ideal to have distracted finishes in two straight games, but the booking makes sense again, so it’s challenging to be thoroughly incensed. When both matches were pleasurable, it was even more difficult to be upset.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Grade: B+

The Brawling Brutes vs. Street Profits

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins interrupted them when Ridge Holland and Butch came out to make a promo about how they intended to take home the tag titles. After several taunts and a challenge, an unscheduled match was held.

The two larger competitors commenced play for their respective sides, but as soon as Dawkins gained control, he tagged in Ford. The Bruiserweight entered the fight and immediately started attacking Dawkins with his distinctive style of offensive.

As the program cut to a commercial, The Brawling Brutes had The Street Profits in trouble. They remained in charge for a while before Ford and Dawkins struck a super blockbuster combo to restore some of the balance.

Holland and Butch won easily in a very fought match, which gave them some momentum going into their title match against The Usos.

Winners: Ridge Holland and Butch

Grade: B

Judgment Day vs. Matt Riddle and Rey Mysterio

Before Riddle and Rey Mysterio appeared to take on Finn Balor and Damian Priest in a tag team match, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley made a promo about Dom joining the gang.

Early on, The Prince and The Archer of Infamy grabbed possession of The Bro, but Riddle didn’t give them much time to hold onto it. He hit three gutwrench suplexes on Balor using his superior power before tagging Rey for a double-team position.

The pace of the fight picked up a little bit in the second half, and all four competitors executed several great techniques, but the intensity of the contest never quite equaled that of the Profits and Brutes’ prior tag encounter.

Dom and Ripley caused this match to see the most significant outside interference on the program, meaning Riddle and Rey had an uphill struggle the entire time. Rollins attempted to intervene, but Rey used a chair to push him away.

Papa Mysterio was successfully pinned by Balor using the Coup de Grace. Although the match was terrific, there was a little too much interference. The good news is that the father-son drama was handled well to maintain the narrative.

Winners: Finn Balor and Damian Priest

Grade: B

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

For an episode of Miz TV, The Miz and Ciampa were present to discuss how Dexter Lumis had terrorized him. Lumis used a large knife to slash through the ring to reach him. He attempted to drag The Miz down alongside him, but Ciampa was able to stop him.

Although enjoyable, this ultimately accomplished nothing to further the plot. Earlier in the evening, Bliss and Bayley agreed to a fight, setting up the subsequent encounter. Before The Goddess, who Asuka and Belair accompanied, entered the ring, WWE aired a little video package hyping her.

At first, Bliss was all over Bayley. She was bouncing on her back and restricting her ability to breathe. She was methodical in doing the crime and wore a look of conviction. The Damage Control leader was able to turn the situation around and clear the announce table, but The Goddess took advantage of the opportunity to hit a rolling senton.

They both came near to winning several times over the remaining portion of the match before Sky accidentally knocked Bliss off the top rope, giving Bayley the victory. The show this week featured a bit too much outside meddling. Still, the matches were all excellent, and we learned some interesting new details about several ongoing plots while also getting a few hints about upcoming events.

Winner: Bayley

Grade: B-

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