Logan Paul Statement On WWE Invitation for A Match With Roman!

After Triple H challenged Roman Reigns to a match, Logan Paul invited him to this week’s WWE SmackDown. Recently, the Tribal Chief was a guest on The Maverick’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he and The Maverick discussed a wide range of issues.

The latter said he might win a match against the current Undisputed WWE Champion near the night’s end. Following Logan Paul’s Twitter comments, Roman Reigns instructed his special counsel Paul Heyman to handle the situation.

Logan Paul asked Paul Heyman how he planned to handle him after Heyman stated he’d take care of it. Triple H, WWE’s Head of Creative, stepped in and invited the social media megastar to appear on SmackDown this Friday to handle the situation.

“What’s more, I happen to be in a position to provide an internationally broadcast stage for our Superstars to “manage” their differences with one another. Take this as your official Smackdown invitation for tonight! “Triple H penned.”

The Game then received a two-word response from Logan Paul, who appeared to accept the invitation. “Say less, he advised.”

You can check out the tweet below:

The WWE Universe Is Excited About A Potential Match Between Logan Paul And Roman Reigns

During the ThunderDome Era, The Maverick appeared on the blue brand to discuss Sami Zayn’s unreleased documentary trailer. He has since taken part in two WWE matches. At Summer Slam 2022, he and The Miz collided during his final bout, which he ultimately won.

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, WWE might have something in mind for Roman Reigns and Logan Paul. The challenge has already been issued; therefore, there may be a match between the two celebrities.

The WWE fanbase has voiced their opinions about Logan Paul possibly starting an angle with Roman Reigns if he returns to SmackDown.

The Head of the Table is not engaged in a conflict with anyone. He and Logan Paul in a match at Crown Jewel or Survivor Series might generate a lot of revenue for WWE.

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