WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Match: Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky Beat Raquel Rodriguez, Aliyah

Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky got their comeback just a few weeks after losing the WWE women’s tag team title contest. On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Kai and Sky, along with Bayley, represent #DAMAGECTRL, defeated Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah to claim the title of new women’s tag team champions.

After confirming that Rodriguez and Aliyah’s victory on the August 29 episode of Monday Night Raw was fraudulent, Kai and Sky were given their rematch. Kai, who wasn’t the legitimate rival, had been pinned by Aliyah.

Kai pinned Aliyah during the rematch after she used her finishing move. After making a remarkable comeback at SummerSlam as a member of a newly established stable headed by Bayley, Kai and Sky were seen as the favorites to win going into the championship match.

Many people were surprised by choice to crown Rodriguez and Aliyah, but Kai and Sky will be in charge of the women’s tag division in the future. When former champions Sasha Banks and Naomi left a Raw program after a creative disagreement in May, WWE had already relinquished the tag belts.

On the second night of WrestleMania 38, they had initially won the straps in a Fatal Four-Way match. The women’s tag titles were later put on hold for an extended period after it was revealed that Banks and Naomi had been fired from the company.

Things started to shift when Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over WWE creative when Vince McMahon retired in July. The following month, the tag team competition was announced. However, there have been hints that Banks and Naomi have agreed to rejoin the organization.

Neither has made an appearance on WWE programming since they walked away. For all the trending wrestling topics, tune in to Ring Rust Radio. View the most recent episode using the player below (warning: some language NSFW).

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