Zuri Craig Car Accident: AGT Finalist’s Sad Goodbye at 44!

Zuri Craig had a car accident, and fans of America’s Got Talent are looking for information. At first, it was just news of the accident, but now people are guessing about what happened! Fans are talking about his health on social media. This article shares more facts about the incident and Zuri Craig’s situation.

Zuri Craig Car Accident

Zuri Craig passed away, but the exact reason hasn’t been shared by the family yet. There’s no news about any health issues he had, so it’s surprising for many. Some online reports say he had a car accident and got seriously hurt, but there’s no official confirmation.

Medical experts are trying to talk to the family for more details, but they haven’t responded yet. We’ll update as soon as we know more about the cause of Zuri Craig’s death.

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Zuri Craig’s Journey from AGT to Madea’s Big Happy Family

Zuri Craig was an American actor and singer, best known for being in movies like “Madea Gets a Job” (2013) and “Madea’s Big Happy Family” (2011). You might also remember him from the show “AGT” in 2015, where he and his singing partner, Jeffrey Lewis, wowed the judges with their performance.

They were part of the tenth season of America’s Got Talent and impressed everyone, earning a spot in the next round after getting four yes votes. They even got Michael Bublé’s Golden Buzzer during the Judges Cuts, which took them straight to the quarterfinals.

Although they didn’t win, Zuri had already caught the attention of Hollywood stars like Tyler Perry, who gave him roles in several “Madea” plays. Zuri also appeared on “Oprah” in the early 2010s.

Apart from acting, Zuri worked on podcasts and shows, and he was planning a live production called “Soul Food Live” in Atlanta, set to debut soon. Unfortunately, he passed away before it could happen.

Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis’s Rise from College Buddies to Oprah’s Stage

Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis's Rise from College Buddies to Oprah's Stage
Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis’s Rise from College Buddies to Oprah’s Stage

Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis, who became friends in college, started a band called The CraigLewis Band after meeting at Clark Atlanta University. They decided to share their music on YouTube by posting cover songs, catching the attention of Tyler Perry in December 2009.

Impressed by their talent, Tyler Perry invited them to join his new production, Madea’s Big Happy Family. Zuri and Jeffrey left their restaurant jobs to work on the production in January 2010 and went on tour immediately.

Thanks to their collaboration with Perry, they were invited to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show in April 2010 alongside Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson, gaining them recognition.

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