Amanza Smith Illness: Selling Sunset Star Opens Up About Her Health Battle!

In Season 6 of Selling Sunset, Amanza Smith, who is part of the show, talked about something unexpected – her health. She shared during one of her talking parts on the show that she was worried about a recent medical scan. Did you hear about Amanza Smith?

She’s a famous person on the reality TV show Selling Sunset. She went through a health scare recently. Want to know how she found out she was sick, what treatment she had, and how she’s doing now? This post has all the answers to these questions.

Is Amanza Smith Suffering From Any Disease?

Amanza Smith, who is well-known for being on the show “Selling Sunset,” gave an update to her Instagram followers about her recent health journey. She had been in the hospital for 31 days and was finally able to leave on July 4th. During her time in the hospital, a new machine that helps with antibiotics was put in place. In the middle of June, Amanza let everyone know that she was in the hospital because of a blood infection.

At first, she thought her intense back pain was due to a herniated disc, but after getting an MRI and CT scans, it turned out she had something called osteomyelitis. This is an infection in the bones that comes from the bloodstream.

Amanza was very serious about her situation and thanked the doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles for taking such good care of her. Even though the MRI showed that the infection was serious, she stayed positive.

Her posts on social media let others know about her difficulties and also give hope to those who are going through health problems.

She is now completely healthy and has made a full recovery from the blood infection that she had.

What Disease Was Amanza Smith Suffering From?

Amanza Smith, who stars in Selling Sunset, is a true survivor after going through two painful spine surgeries this summer.

The 46-year-old interior designer wrote that her lower vertebrae were being hurt by osteomyelitis, which is a rare but possibly life-threatening bone infection. In May, Smith collapsed at her home in Los Angeles because of a bad backache that had been going on for almost a month. Five days later, she let a close friend drive her to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

In a video she shared on Instagram on Sunday, the 46-year-old star of “Selling Sunset” told her fans what was going on with her health.

An MRI showed that Smith had vertebral osteomyelitis, a disease that kills 2 out of 10 people and was very bad in her case. “One or two more days at home, and you could have been dead,” her doctor said to her later.

Since the first days after her illness, it’s been a long and painful road. When Smith went to the hospital on June 2, doctors gave her antibiotics through an IV and operated on her lower back to “clear the infection from the bones,” she wrote.

Amanza Smith Illness

But it turned out that the osteomyelitis, which can be caused by contamination during medical treatment or an injection (in Smith’s case, doctors couldn’t figure out why), had also spread to another part of the front of her spine. At first, the part looked too dangerous to work on. “It was close to my aorta and my kidney,” Smith says.

Doctors hoped that giving her medicines would stop the infection, but her vertebrae kept getting worse. “The risk was the antibiotics wouldn’t penetrate the bone, and my entire back could collapse,” she says.

Smith had a second surgery that took six hours. During that surgery, doctors put a metal mesh cage in her back and put rods and screws in her spine to hold it together.

Amanza Smith Illness

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Amanza Smith Cancer Battle

Amanza made the news public on Instagram on May 23 by announcing that she is now cancer-free.

She shared a photo of herself and wrote, “Thank you to everyone for your concerns and well wishes towards my health. I am happy to tell you that I am in fact, not only cancer-free but also possibly aging backward and happier than I’ve been in forever! The results of my biopsy were benign!”

Amanza smith

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