Amber Heard Appeals For New Trial In Defamation Case After Losing To Johnny Depp!

Amber Heard Appeals For New Trial In Defamation Case: Amber Heard is requesting a new defamation trial against Johnny Depp because she believes the Virginia court case she lost was conducted in the incorrect state. A jury awarded Mr. Depp $15 million in damages earlier this year after he prevailed in his defamation case against Ms. Heard.

The “Aquaman” actress received a $2 million payout from the jury for a portion of her counterclaim. The New York Times reported that over five months after the verdict was rendered, Ms. Heard’s legal team submitted a new appeal against Mr. Depp to a Virginia appeals court.

The attorneys for Ms. Heard reportedly presented numerous allegations to argue that the trial was held in the incorrect state. Additionally, they took issue with the judge’s decision to throw out some pieces of evidence, such as the treatment notes in which she described experiencing abuse.

“Depp filed his lawsuit against Heard in Virginia, a purely inconvenient location with no relationship to Depp and no substantive link to his claims, rather than California, where both parties resided and where Depp claimed to have suffered the reputational loss.

Amber Heard Appeals For New Trial In Defamation Case
Amber Heard Appeals For New Trial In Defamation Case

Due to its incorrect assumption that Depp’s claims originated in Virginia since the Washington Post’s servers reside here, the trial court incorrectly declined to dismiss this lawsuit based on forum non-conveniens “The 68-page document was written by Ms. Heard’s attorney.

They said, “The trial court erroneously precluded the jury from taking into account numerous distinct instances in which Heard reported Depp’s abuse to a medical expert.” In the letter, Ms. Heard’s legal team demanded that the jury’s decision be overturned, either by dismissing Mr. Depp’s claims or by conducting a brand-new trial.

A reference to the 2020 UK decision in favor of Britain’s The Sun, which Mr. Depp had sued for calling him a wife-beater, was made in this statement. They even claimed that the case should never have gone to trial because another court had already determined that Mr. Depp had abused Ms. Heard on numerous occasions.

The one count of defamation that Ms. Heard won at trial, according to Johnny Depp, was “erroneous,” according to his appeal, which has already been filed in the case. His defenders added that the jury had defended Mr. Depp’s reputation.

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