Arte Moreno Net worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

American-born sports executive Arte Moreno was born on August 14, 1946. He is the first of eleven children of Marie and Arturo Ricardo Moreno. He has been married twice and has three children, Brian, Rico, and Nikki.

Arte Moreno, 76, a self-made billionaire, can accomplish whatever they want with their life. This included the purchase of a sports franchise and the (failed) construction of a baseball stadium in Anaheim.

True, there is no limit to what Moreno can achieve, but it was not always like this. Moreno had to work his way up the ranks before the Los Angeles Angels bought him. Curious about Arte Moreno’s current assets and how he got there? Read on to learn more about Moreno’s thoughts on the Angels and why he ultimately chose against selling the team.

Arte Moreno Net worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

American businessman Arturo Moreno has a net worth of $3.5 billion. He made history by becoming the first Mexican American to own a professional sports team in the United States. In 2003, he purchased the Anaheim Angels from The Walt Disney Company. He renamed them Los Angeles and gave them a new logo.

Arte Moreno Net worth
Arte Moreno Net worth

After honorably serving his country in Vietnam, he began his career in outdoor advertising in the early 1980s with a job at Aller Outdoors. In 1984, he uprooted his life and began working for Outdoor Systems in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1996, when Arte was already serving as CEO and a vital stakeholder, he decided to take the company public. The initial public offering did pretty well. Infinity Broadcasting paid $8 billion for Outdoor Systems in 1998.

Arte briefly owned a minor league team before using his newfound wealth to purchase franchises in the major leagues in 2001.

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Arte signed a lucrative television deal with Fox Sports before the 2006 season. The 10-year contract was reportedly worth over a billion dollars. The Angels were worth $380 million that year, only three years after the team was purchased. As of the year 2020, the squad was worth $2 billion.

Forbes reports that Moreno has a net worth of $4.1 billion as of January 2023. 

Arturo Moreno’s Personal Life 

In 1997, Moreno and his wife established a nonprofit organization to support youth and academic institutions. Athletic programs at the University of Arizona have benefited, as well. Moreno also takes extraordinary measures to safeguard his private data.

He rarely gives interviews and rarely discusses anything personally. Like him, his friends and family are hesitant to talk about his personal life in an open forum.

In private, though, they quickly praise him for being “unabashed in his support of Republican politics” and “particularly loyal to his family.”

Does Arturo Moreno Dead or Alive?

According to Wikipedia‘s latest update, he is still alive.

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