Biden Southern Border Visit as New Crackdown on Migrants Begins

Biden Southern Border Visit: President Biden will visit this city as he tours a U.S. border community that has been overrun by migrants. The Democratic Party and human rights advocates have blasted his new enforcement strategy as a “humanitarian disaster.” Republican lawmakers have been critical of his decision to take two years to visit a border that they claim is “wide open” to illegal immigration.

And Mexican officials have warned that his proposals would cross a “red line” for them as they prepare to welcome him to a meeting of North American leaders on Monday.

El Paso has become a symbol of the decades-long failure of the United States immigration system because of the unprecedented influx of people moving there from Central and South America. People who have made the brutally perilous journey north spend their nights sleeping on park benches, frequently with their young children, without any legal status and nowhere to go.

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Biden Southern Border Visit

How should we respond to them? Should we accept them? Hold them? One of the most divisive issues in American politics now is whether or not to send troops home. Although the situation in El Paso and other border towns has deteriorated during Mr. Biden’s presidency, he has failed to find a satisfactory solution.

El Paso’s busiest crossing, Bridge of the Americas Port of Entry, will receive $600 million from the president’s infrastructure package, and on Sunday, Vice President Biden will meet with Border Patrol officers, members of Congress, and local leaders there to discuss the project. Along with meeting with local entrepreneurs, he plans to visit the El Paso County Migrant Services Center.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden proposed a crackdown on illegal border crossings and some new pathways for migrants to come lawfully in response to rising criticism of his handling of the border. He claimed his new approach will “assist us a good deal in better handling what is a challenging task” at a White House appearance.

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According to a White House official, Vice President Biden will hold a press conference in El Paso where he will call out Republicans for their obstruction of an immigration reform bill and their refusal to allocate more federal funds for border security. The official claims that places like El Paso have been able to better handle the influx of migrants because of the enhanced government resources, such as extra border agents.

Mr. Biden, while running for president, criticized President Trump’s approach to border security, calling it “inhumane” and “ineffective.” Nonetheless, Mr. Biden’s detractors have simply ramped up their assault on his policies as he prepares to travel to Mexico City for two days of meetings that will be dominated by the immigration issue.

Liberal human rights group National Immigrant Justice Center policy director Heidi Altman tweeted, “Civil rights advocates and Members of Congress are outraged by these policies because they flout refugee law and will unleash more suffering at the border, with disparate harm to Black, Brown, and Indigenous asylum seekers.” The administration needs to cease evading responsibility, take note, and change direction.

Mr. Biden and his team are outraged by the criticism from the same groups that aggressively opposed Mr. Trump’s proposals, claiming the parallel is unfair and inaccurate.

Top National Security Council spokesman John F. Kirby responded, “Well, obviously, we take a different position,” citing the need to strike a balance between creating “legal paths to entrance” and preventing “illegal migration.”

Mr. Kirby and other White House officials noted that mayors in areas like San Antonio, Chicago, Washington, and New York who have dealt with an influx of migrants have supported Mr. Biden’s suggestions from last week.

Government officials were already bracing for additional attacks from Republicans who have spent months accusing the administration of being too weak on the border, even as they worked to deflect criticism from Democrats and human rights groups. West Virginia Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito criticized Vice President Biden for waiting nearly two years to visit the border in an opinion essay published before the president’s trip.

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A lack of presidential presence at the southern border “at a time when we are confronting record illegal crossings and there is a clear crisis” is “the equivalent of our commander in chief not visiting the Pentagon during a military operation,” she wrote. She said, “This checks a box, but it doesn’t even begin to tackle the problems” in reference to his trip to El Paso.

When Vice President Biden arrives, he will meet with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the situation along the southern border in cities like El Paso.

Biden Southern Border Visit
Biden Southern Border Visit

A proposal by the Biden administration would automatically deny asylum to migrants who have traveled through Mexico without seeking refuge in that country first. Mexico’s top official for North American relations rejected this idea in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, before Mr. Biden’s departure. In 2019, Mr. Trump initially proposed a “safe third country policy,” a variant of this concept.

Roberto Velasco, head of the Mexican Foreign Ministry’s North American division, has declared, “The safe third-country idea is a red line for us.” It would be too much for the infrastructure to handle. To put it bluntly, that’s just not possible.

Mr. Biden’s visit to Mexico is intended in large part to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries on migration issues. The president made the announcement during his Thursday speech that Mexico will welcome up to 30,000 migrants per month from Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua whose asylum petitions were denied after they illegally entered the United States.

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But many who have studied the bilateral relationship between the two countries for a while say Mexico has certain strict boundaries.

“Mexico cannot guarantee the protection of individuals fleeing violence,” said Ana Lorena Delgadillo, director of the Foundation for Justice, a group that provides assistance to migrants in Mexico. “Mexicans are leaving their neighborhoods because of the violence there. If we can’t protect ourselves, who are we going to protect?

While the current Mexican administration has worked hard to reduce the number of migrants crossing the country to enter the United States, security experts have said that the government has done less to prevent the flow of drugs north, which will be another topic of discussion at the summit this week.

According to David Shirk, director of the University of San Diego’s Justice in Mexico Program, “what we have witnessed in the previous three years is effectively the Mexican government shrugging its shoulders.”

On Thursday, however, the Mexican military arrested Ovidio Guzmán López, the presumed commander of the Sinaloa drug cartel and son of the notorious drug lord Joaqun Guzmán Loera, also known as “El Chapo.”

According to law enforcement officials and videos shared on social media, the cartel’s response was immediate and violent, with automobiles set on fire around the capital city of Culiacán. Armed groups were seen on video manning checkpoints outside of the city, armed with heavy machine guns that could down helicopters.

It is widely anticipated that the three heads of state will quarrel over the dramatic increase in the number of official trade disputes since the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in 2020 during their summit on Monday and Tuesday. Multiple wars are on the horizon.

The U.S. and Canada have voiced their displeasure with Mexican energy regulations that favor Mexican firms over their own. The United States is upset because Mexico likewise intends to outlaw GM corn. Furthermore, several nations have griped about how the United States is applying the trade agreement’s provisions to the production of automobiles, claiming that the United States is giving an unfair advantage to its own goods.

Given the linked nature of the economies of the countries, American authorities have emphasized the positive effects that the investments will have on the neighbors. The supply chains of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are highly intertwined, with components and materials produced in one country typically being used in production facilities in the other two.

For Mr. Trudeau, Canada’s leader since 2015 and, more recently, a more divisive figure in his country, the trade problem is of utmost importance.

University of Toronto political scientist Andrew McDougall stated, “There has been considerable speculation, because he’s been in power for quite a period, about who the prospective successor would be.” However, “for now, there isn’t any obvious option, and in the long term, it doesn’t appear like he’s going away.”

Frequently asked questions

Is El Paso on the border?

El Paso is located on the Rio Grande on the United States side of the border from Mexico, and Ciudad Juárez, the most populous city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, with a population of over 1.5 million people, is located directly across the river in Mexico.

When is Joe Biden coming to El Paso?

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, Vice President Biden will travel to El Paso, Texas, to inspect the border with Mexico.

What did Biden do at the border?

In one instance, he inspected cash and drugs that had been captured by border patrol personnel in a cramped inspection room. One of his most persistent assertions is that Mexico will foot the bill for a border wall, which he claimed during a visit to McAllen, Texas (the epicenter of the crisis at the time).

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