Bob Beckel’s Net Worth and the Tragic News of His Death

Bob Beckel, a political analyst and former co-host of The Five, died on February 21, 2022, at the age of 73. He was well-known for his work as a political analyst on CNN and as a columnist for USA Today.

Bob Beckel, a well-known writer and commentator, has not only garnered respect and fame, but he has also amassed a substantial net worth.

In 1977, when he joined the United States Department of State as deputy assistant secretary of state for congressional relations, he became the youngest deputy assistant secretary of state in the Carter administration.

This article is all about Bob Beckel’s wealth, how he made his money, and other information.

Bob Beckel’s Biography

Bob Beckel, a well-known political analyst and former FOX News co-host, was born on November 15, 1948. He was born in New York but spent his childhood in Lyme, Connecticut. His parents gave him the name Robert Gilliland Beckel.

He attended a private high school before enrolling in Warner College in Staten Island, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He played football for his collegiate team and worked on Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968.


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Bob Beckel Net Worth

Bob Beckel is a well-known columnist and analyst. In addition to gaining popularity and respect, he has amassed an impressive net worth of $10.2 million.

He became the youngest person in history to hold that position during the Carter administration when he joined the US Department of State in 1977 as a deputy assistant secretary of state for congressional relations.

What Caused Bob Beckel’s Death?

Bob Beckel’s friend and colleague, Sean Hannity, sadly announced his passing on February 22, 2022, saying, “We miss him already.”

Later, columnist Cal Thomas, who Bob considered a big help in turning his life around, shared the sad news on Facebook.

He wrote, “My friend and spiritual brother, Bob Beckel, has passed into the presence of the Lord he loved. We did so many things together, and I hope we showed what two people with different political views can be like when they care for each other.”

Bob’s cause of death is not known at this time. He is survived by his two children from his marriage to Leland Ingham, which lasted from 1992 to their divorce in 2002.


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