Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date: When will It Air on Prime Video?

When and where will Amazon Prime Video’s global global premiere of Carnival Row season 2 episode 3 “The Martyr’s Hand” take place? It feels great that Carnival Row is back on our TVs at last.

The captivating fantasy series has made its long-awaited return to Amazon Prime Video after a taxing three-year break, with two new episodes debuting earlier today throughout the globe.

Now that the Row’s ultimate fate is in the spotlight, when and where will the third and fourth episodes of Carnival Row season 2 be available for global OTT streaming?

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

On February 24, Carnival Row season 2 episode 3 will be available globally on Amazon Prime Video. According to the batch release structure on Prime Video, two new episodes, episodes 3 and 4, titled “The Martyr’s Hand” and “An Unkindness of Ravens,” are scheduled to debut on February 24.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date
Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

According to The Futon Critic, the third and fourth episodes of Carnival Row season 2 will air at the following times in other countries:

  • Pacific Time – 9 PM (February 23)
  • Eastern Time – 12 AM
  • British Time – 5 AM
  • European Time – 6 AM
  • India Time – 10:30 AM
  • Philippine Time – 1 PM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 3:30 PM

There will be ten episodes in Carnival Row season 2, two more than the previous season from 2019.

  • Episode 1: ‘Fight And Flight’ – February 17
  • Episode 2: ‘New Dawn’ – February 17
  • Episode 3: ‘The Martyr’s Hand’ – February 24
  • Episode 4: ‘An Unkindness Of Ravens’ – February 24
  • Episode 5: ‘Reckoning’ – March 3
  • Episode 6: ‘Original Sins’ – March 3
  • Episode 7: ‘Kindred’ – March 10
  • Episode 8: ‘Facta Non Verba’ – March 10
  • Episode 9: ‘Battle Lines’ – March 17
  • Episode 10: ‘Carnival Row’ – March 17

English, Czech (Cestina), Dutch, Spanish from South America, Spanish from Europe, French, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, and Hindi are among the languages you may watch Carnival Row season 2.

Carnival Row Season 2 Trailer

You can watch the Carnival Row Season 2 trailer below:

Ominous Promotional Character Videos Shared Online

The production crew has been busy posting numerous character films as part of the Carnival Row promotional campaign, which gives viewers an insight into their perspectives as season 2 approaches.

Orlando Bloom’s Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate:

“I embrace my human nature. I embrace my Fae nature. That’s who I’ve been. It’s in my soul.”

A second video added:

“I fight for equal justice, whether human or Fae.”

Cara Delevingne’s Vignette Stonemoss:

“I didn’t know I needed to fight until I saw my people abandoned. I didn’t know I needed love until it was taken from me.”The second promo included, “I vow to fight for the Fae, and our freedom.”

David Gyasi’s Agreus Astrayon:

“All my life, I fought to make them respect me. And now I must sacrifice everything I’ve achieved for my love.” A second video featured, “I vow to protect my love from anyone who threatens us.”

Tamzin Merchant’s Imogen Spurnrose:

“Before love, my privileged life was a comfortable cage. But in love, my fugitive life is a terrifying bliss.” Adding, “I vow to stand by my love, no matter what anyone thinks.”

You may also be interested in the following additional Prime Video program details:

Karla Crome’s Tourmaline Larou:

“I fled to the Row because I had no choice and no power. But now I have magic and a terrifying choice.” With the second video including, “I vow to risk my soul to protect the ones I love.”



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