Tiktok Star Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death Revealed By Coroner!

Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death: Six months after Cooper Noriega’s passing, the cause of his death was discovered. Less than three weeks before his 20th birthday, on June 9, the TikTok star’s body was found in a Burbank, California, parking lot.

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, Noriega died due to the interaction of the opioid fentanyl, the anxiety medication lorazepam, and the tranquilizer alprazolam, popularly known as Xanax.

Another important factor that significantly contributed to his death, according to the coroner, was that he had recently taken clonazepam, another anxiety medication. The coroner determined that Noriega’s death was an accident and that he passed away in a parking lot.

Who else is b thinking they gon die young af? Noriega said in a video he made on TikTok, where he now has over 3 million followers, just before he passed away. Four days prior, Noriega posted on social media that he was starting a Discord channel to talk about mental health and that his followers were welcome to join.

Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death
Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death

He remarked in a TikTok video, “If you’re truly into getting your emotions out, or anything, please join.” I built (the server) because I love you guys and struggle with it.

In a subsequent Instagram post, he stated, “I would like to use the influence I’ve been given to build a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness.” One of the many lessons I’ve learned through battling addiction is that being around negative individuals will only drag you down.

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Harold Noriega, Noriega’s father, broke his silence soon after his son’s passing and posted an emotional statement on his Facebook. “For my family and I, today has been a trying day. Last night, we lost our lovely 19-year-old Cooper, “He wrote next to a photo of his deceased son.

“He was genuinely the love of Treva’s, Parker’s, and my life,” Harold continued. “He was loved by so many.” “The sorrow and loss cannot be adequately expressed in words. This is not how it should be. Your kid shouldn’t be older than his parents.”

The bereaved parent continued, “Cooper has had such an impact on many. He recently launched a Discord chat for people to have a safe space to talk about mental health, and it quickly grew to thousands of users. My son was a Christian, and I am confident he is now in God’s presence. I want to thank everyone. I adore every one of you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cooper Noriega, and how did he die?

Petrou explained how he’d discovered Noriega following Noriega’s overdose in a TikTok video, saying, “I’m sure by now you guys have heard about Cooper passing.” “I entered a room three years ago, and Cooper had overdosed,” Jun 10, 2022.

When did Cooper Noriega OD?

A well-known TikTok creator named Cooper Noriega passed away on Thursday. He had just turned 19. According to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner-office, Coroner Noriega was discovered dead on June 9 in a Los Angeles shopping center parking lot.

Is Cooper Noriega related to Nessa Barrett?

Following his passing, Nessa Barrett, Cooper Noriega’s best friend, and his family released heartfelt statements. Hours after publishing a mysterious message on TikTok, he was discovered dead.

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