Is Nezuko’s Life Coming To An End In The Epic Demon Slayer Season 3 Finale?

Tanjiro, Genya, and Nezuko are pursuing the little Hantengu. Tanjiro uses the wisdom he learned from Zenitsu and directs all of his might to his legs to catch up to his extraordinary speed.

As he closes in on Hantengu, he strikes at him with his sword, pinning his neck but failing to cut it off. Hantengu overpowers Tanjiro as he enlarges himself, but Genya and Nezuko can reestablish his balance for him.

Hantengu prepares to flee because daylight is right around the corner as they tumble down the cliff. To restore his power, he dashes off to swallow some people, but Tanjiro is prepared to stop him again, this time with the aid of the sword that Haganezuka has been working on but hasn’t yet finished.

Tanjiro tries to go for it, but as the sun rises, Nezuko starts to burn, and Tanjiro is unsure of what he should do. Nezuko kicks him out of the way so he can help other people. When Tanjiro finally catches up with Hantengu, he ki!!s him, believing Nezuko has already d*ed.

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To his amazement and joy, she is still alive, fully recovered, and even speaking. However, she still exhibits childlike behavior, and her language is restricted. Hantengu beheads Zohakuten in the meantime, just as Mitsuri is ready to pass away.

In another place, Muzan is overjoyed to find that Nezuko can endure exposure to sunshine. It is revealed where he came from, how he acquired his abilities, his desire for blood and flesh, and the details of his journey.

After some time, Tanhiro finally says goodbye to the town during rehabilitation. Before the credits roll on Demon Slayer season 3, episode 11, Tanjiro is greeted by everyone in the village, who presents him with flowers and express gratitude.

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Does Nezuko D!e?

Nezuko survives. In the third season finale of Demon Slayer, Nezuko has been replaced by the sun. Tanjiro, however, is astounded and overjoyed to learn that his sister is still alive.

Nezuko’s skin, which briefly burned, has completely recovered. She also starts to mouth words at last, repeating “thank goodness” while grinning. Muzan is thrilled when she tells him she is immune to the sun.

Does Nezuko Die in Season 3

What Happened to Hantengu as a Human?

Hantengu shared both his human and demonic characteristics. He frequently made pathetic, damp cat-like whining and screaming noises.

He also had a strong tendency to steal, to the point where he would also defraud the blind. When he was discovered, he would ki!! to escape the repercussions.

Even though the magistrate eventually had him in custody, the day before his execution, Muzan offered him the chance to escape by turning into a demon, and he accepted.

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