Encanto Characters Age: How Old is Isabella in the Comedy Film?

A whole family with magical skills is introduced in Disney’s Encanto. Still, while their supernatural prowess is made clear from the musical’s opening act, the age of the Madrigal family members is less so. The Madrigal family has resided at Encanto’s Casita for three generations.

The matriarch who oversees (and frequently demands) unity from her sons, daughters, and grandkids, including the movie’s gift-less lead Mirabel, is Abuela, the oldest. Mirabel is older than her cousin Antonio but younger than her older sisters Isabel and Luisa. However, the Madrigal family’s precise ages are more difficult to determine.

Upon its release, Encanto has raised many questions about Madrigal’s details, especially their ages, prompting many to ask questions like “which Madrigal sibling is the eldest” and “how old is Mirabel in Encanto?” Fortunately, Jared Bush, the musical’s director, has responded to the audience’s queries via many Twitter threads.

Next, after pointing out the differences in the Madrigal family’s ages and demeanor, he clarifies any ambiguity regarding birth order. Because of this, in addition to having various special abilities, the characters in Encanto also have distinguishing characteristics that result from their ages and life stages.

As Mirabel’s age in Encanto was purposefully left out, viewers quickly pointed out that some characters appeared to be either younger or older than they should have been. Bush went into more detail about the backgrounds of the Disney characters on Twitter after the debates there.

He discussed how the individuals in Encanto differed in age and how this affected their relationships and personalities.

Encanto Characters Age

Encanto Characters Age
Encanto Characters Age

Abuelo Pedro

On the Day of the Tiny Candles festival, Abuela Alma encountered Abuelo Pedro, the patriarch of the mythical Madrigal family, who may be the Casita. After the meeting, the two got married and had triplets. However, the invaders uprooted the community where they lived, causing the people to evacuate and compelling Pedro to give his life to preserve his family.

Bush asserts that Sebastan Yatra was the same age when he recorded “Dos Oruguitas” as Abuelo Pedro was when he crossed the river. The Colombian artist sang a sentimental song depicting Abuela Alma’s romance and told the story of Abuelo Pedro through flashbacks.

Yatra, who was only 26 years old when he worked with the creators of Encanto, was the same age as the character Abuelo Pedro in Encanto at the time of his passing.

Abuela Alma

Abuela Alma is why the Madrigals received the miracle, even though she lacks any special abilities. Her candle developed magical qualities fifty years before the start of Encanto’s story.

Despite the deliberately ambiguous date of the Disney film, Alma had managed the neighborhood that had relied on her family for fifty years, keeping the magic alive and preserving the gifts of her children and grandchildren.

Hence, if Abuela were around the same age as her late husband, this Encanto character would have been 75 or 76 years old at the time of the events in the movie.


Julieta, the mother of Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel, is gifted with the power to heal others through her cooking. She treats Mirabel’s hand, and her husband Agustin’s bee bites in Encanto. Abuela Alma’s triplets are roughly 50 years old because the miracle occurred fifty years ago.

Moreover, Bush verifies in a tweet that Julieta is the oldest of the Encanto siblings, as evidenced by her desire to assist everyone in the neighborhood.


Encanto, a movie with Colombian influences, does not directly disclose Agustin’s age, but the film’s producers revealed that he is a little younger than Julieta and her siblings. His clumsiness and propensity for mishaps, which is how he and Julieta eventually fell in love, serve as additional evidence.

Agustin is not endowed with magic, having just married into the family. As a result, he was now more relatable to Mirabel and the audience.


Isabela has always felt pressure to be the ideal, attractive child because she is the oldest Madrigal grandchild. When she learns to embrace her genuine, flawed self, her ability to grow flowers and plants changes toward the conclusion of Encanto. She is 21 when the events of the movie take place.


With her super-strength, Luisa, first mentioned in the song “Surface Pressure,” is the village’s go-to runner, effortlessly correcting houses, lifting bridges, and performing other tasks. The sister maintains a physically and emotionally strong exterior as the stereotypical middle child to appease her family.

Regrettably, she also worries that she won’t meet her village’s expectations. In Encanto, Luisa is a 19-year-old woman.


In Encanto, Mirabel is how old? Mirabel, the eldest of Julieta and Agustin’s children, is the only Madrigal devoid of magical abilities. She stands out from the rest of the family, but when the miracle is in danger, she has the key to reviving the magic and reconstructing Casita. Bush claims on Twitter that Mirabel, a year younger than her cousin Camilo in Encanto, is 15 years old.


Pepa, the middle sibling of the Madrigal triplets in the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, is regarded as the most sensitive of the children. She frequently receives a lecture from Abuela if she has clouds on her head since, interestingly, her ability to control and influence the weather is heavily dependant on her emotions. Pepa, who is married to Félix, is 50 years old.


Félix, like Agustin, lacks any supernatural abilities because he married into the Madrigal family. Although it is unclear exactly how much older he is than the triplets, Bush mentions that he is older than them. He is a suitable match for the strong and emotional Pepa because of his easygoing demeanor and older age. Although if it isn’t stated officially, the age of this Encanto persona is probably in his early to mid-50s.


How old is Dolores Madrigal? Dolores, Pepa and Félix’s only child, is two months younger than Isabella and 21 years old. Dolores is calmer and more reserved, and because of the age difference between her and Isabella, she is forced to live in the shadow of her ideal cousin. Dolores also has superhuman hearing. But towards the book’s finale, Dolores is pursuing her happiness.


Camilo, Dolores’ younger brother, is a shape-changer. His strength enables him to amuse his family and, occasionally, manipulate others to acquire what he wants. Camilo, a 15-year-old “theater kid” who frequently assumes several personas, is just a hair older than Mirabel. This is why it surprised the Madrigals when Mirabel did not receive a present after Camilo did, as Bush recounts.

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The youngest, Madrigal Antonio, is just five years old when Encanto takes place. His ceremony, which dominates the movie’s first half, is the first since Mirabel, whose power twist was disclosed at the beginning. Antonio is under pressure not to let his family down. He is fortunately given the ability to communicate with animals, which helps him learn the details of the magic used by his ancestors.


Bruno is 50 years old in Encanto, just like the other triplets. Bruno is cursed with clairvoyance, and because of his dismal prophecies, his family and village avoid him. “We Don’t Speak About Bruno” describes his predicament and cautions the future generation of his previous deeds. Bruno is the youngest of the Madrigal triplets in Encanto, which is a sad truth, given that it turns out that he is just gravely misunderstood.


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