Everton 90 Day Fiance: Did She Cheat on Jordan?

A couple from Season 3 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise Jordan and Everton have had a turbulent and protracted relationship.

Despite their shortcomings, which range from lying to cheating to making hidden fetish content, they fell hard and fast for each other. Are the stars of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise still a couple? What you should know is as follows.

Are Everton and Jordan still together after the ’90 Day Fiance?

Before Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, Jordan, and Everton had been dαting for 12 years. Before meeting Everton while traveling with a wedding party on a yacht in Grand Cayman, Jordan called Dallas, Texas, home. Everton was the skipper of the boat she had chartered when they first met.

Jordan left the country after the wedding ceremony, but she kept in touch with the Jamaican native. They dated intermittently for 12 years before she swiftly left for Jamaica to pick up where she left off with Everton.

So, after the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, are Everton and Jordan still together? It doesn’t seem that way. Jordan and Everton had a 12-year on-and-off relationship but still had many problems.

During that time, each looked into other relationships and dealt with concerns related to money and envy. Although neither Jordan nor Everton have officially confirmed their breakup, it is clear from her Instagram that she no longer sees him.

“Don’t be eye candy. Be soul food,” Jordan wrote alongside a couple of self-portraits she uploaded on Instagram on June 10. Provide soul food. Her choice of hashtags for the image was revealing.

Among the hashtags she used were “#griefwork,” “#healingjourneys,” “#healyoursoul,” “#healyourmind,” “#healyourlife,” and “#jordanandeverton.”


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Jordan’s post suggests that she might be mourning the end of her romance with Everton, but a post from a few days earlier reveals that she is in Jamaica.

Even though Everton wasn’t mentioned in her article about Jamaica, the fact that she was there might have been enough to indicate that they were still in touch, even though they might not be strictly dαting.

Everton 90 Day Fiance

Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Everton Cheat on Jordan?

In the May 15 episode, Jordan approached Everton over a worrying message she had received from a woman, which Hollywood Life had published. Before playing the news for Everton, she said, “I got a voicemail from a woman who claimed she was dαting Everton during Covid lockdown when I wasn’t able to travel to see him.” 

The unnamed woman said, “You know that man Everton, he’s a dog,” during the call. “You think he’s down here being faithful? Ha! He’s been right here f–king me and god knows who else.”

Jordan asked him to clarify the message, to which he responded, “Hey you know what, that b—h is crazy.” Jordan, however, was still uneasy and responded. “You’re right and you’re the one that was f–king her!” she said.

In a confessional, he later acknowledged to being unfaithful. “I feel really bad about this, I f–ked up once, but this one girl was just a f–king fling.” “I was lonely, and it’s over now,” he continued.

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Jordan made it apparent that she wasn’t prepared to forgive Everton, even though he appeared to regret his error. “How am I supposed to trust you when you’re not being forthcoming about what you’re doing when I’m not there. you know how small that island is?” She spoke.

Jordan continued acknowledging her feeling  “disrespected by Everton’s choices in this situation.” She continued in a confessional, “I am very disappointed that he sunk so low, it’s just really upsetting and very confusing.”

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