Is Rick Ness Sick: What’s Really Going On With His Health?

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, you’re probably already aware of the cast of individuals that provide the show’s trademark brand of entertainment with their fantastic discoveries through digging and mining.

Richard Ness, a senior gold miner and member of the Parker Crew, is one such performer who decided to take a year off from mining last season. If you are interested in reading about what happened to Rick Ness then you can read out the full post.

Is Rick Ness Sick?

Rick Ness, who is 42 years old, talked about his mental health before the new season of Gold Rush started. In regards to his mental health, he admitted, “I was going through some bad moments. There were a lot of things on my mind.” Rick said it’s tough since people know him as a gold miner and have preconceived notions about him.

This disorder, a form of seasonal affective disorder, manifests itself at the same time every year, likely as a result of the victim’s ingrained memories. Zee tries to check on Rick’s well-being in the second episode of season thirteen.

During the sequence, both Zee and the audience are astonished to see his unkempt state, and when Zee asks Rick whether he’s okay, the latter responds, saying, “Still Standing.”

When Zee presses Rick for an explanation as to why he isn’t mining, Rick explains that he hasn’t been able to get back out there since he crashed badly due to despair. His face and nose aren’t the same as they used to be, but the series didn’t show that.

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What Happened To Rick Ness?

Fans have been hooked on the show since its 2010 premiere, but with Rick seemingly missing in action, the mystery surrounding the show has deepened. Rick Ness has been working with Discovery Channel for the past eleven years as a gold miner, businessman, and member of the Gold Rush Solid.

Zee was surprised to see Rick in the garage, presumably working on a car, in the second episode of the season, as suggested by the distractive site source. When Zee asks Rick how he’s been feeling about mining, Rick says he hasn’t been in the mood. Rick also claimed he severely crashed after coming back from the prior mining season.

Are We Going To See Rick Ness On Gold Rush Again?

It seems like Rick Ness will be back for another season of Gold Rush. The website Tvshowsace claims that Rick Ness was absent from the premiere of this season’s Gold Rush. Instead, they saw Parker Schnabel getting his new Alaskan business ready to go. Tony Beets continued to operate his successful company.

The final titles hinted that Rick Ness would emerge in Episode 2, and he was there to witness it. But he never did return. He had to let his crew know where he was before stating that he would not return for some time.

The episode of Gold Rush in which Rick participated was his last of the season. Our website will be updated later with additional information about Rick Ness’s participation in the Gold Rush initiative.

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