Luther Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Series?

Before last week, “Luther” fans had waited five years for a new season, only to end in just four days. The conclusion of series five included some major shocks that will leave viewers wondering if Idris Elba will take on the role of the renegade detective once more.

When Luther’s relationship with Cornelius and the killings of Jeremy Lake ended, there was a lot to process. If the action left you slightly perplexed, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The first part of the episode revealed that Jeremy was still at large, had killed an unidentified guy on the street, and had hung the man’s body over a bridge.

Jeremy had also covered the victim’s face with a mask of his face as a new calling card. Palmer had taken Mark and Alice to a warehouse, placed them in a freezer, and told Luther he would need to pass through several checkpoints before finding them.

Luther, weary of the fruitless search, decided to go straight to Cornelius, asking Halliday to use a search on one of his associates, Ronald Massey, to discover where he was. As they reached the Hotel Octavian, where Cornelius was hiding out, Luther made death threats against him to convince him to tell Palmer not to kill Mark and Alice.

Luther Ending Explained
Luther Ending Explained

Later, when Cornelius and Luther arrived at the warehouse, Palmer was still keen on following his initial instructions. Luther shot Palmer to take away his weapon. But Cornelius then shot him one more, instantly murdering him.

The criminal leader then snapped a photo of Luther standing next to Palmer’s body with a burning revolver in his hand for future use as insurance. After Luther saved Mark and Alice, and as they returned to Mark’s house, Luther told Alice a lie that Cornelius had passed away.

But as soon as she called Cornelius’ home and learned he was still alive and well, she rumbled to him, leaving Alice feeling deceived. She then cautioned Mark not to accept Luther back into his life and said he was not who he claimed to be.

While the police officers questioned Jeremy’s wife, Vivien, it was revealed that Jeremy did have a brain tumor, just as Halliday had earlier indicated, and only had months to live. After Luther correctly inferred that the book Jeremy has been keeping is a confessional one, Vivien quickly admitted that she was aware of her husband’s crimes, despite her earlier denials.

He explained that despite Vivien’s strict orders to keep things secret, Jeremy felt proud of the murders he had committed but that the book was his only means of expression. Afterward, Vivien disclosed that Jeremy had a vision about “happy families” in which he calls them to the door and kills them as if sheep were being led to the slaughter.

Benny’s body was discovered in a van at the warehouse, and Schenk had to leave the interrogation session to take a call informing him of his passing. He instructed the police to solve the crime while keeping silent. Then, Jeremy was spotted going to the instructor’s residence, whose student he had killed in episode one.

He knocked her unconscious immediately and started living in her home as his own, luring a plumber inside while a s*ex worker was later seen arriving. Luther and Halliday examined Jeremy’s “happy families” vision at the police station and made assumptions about the setting.

They went to the school teacher’s house to diversify their bets. When Schenk learned that Cornelius appeared to be responsible for Benny’s death, he promised retaliation and sent armed officers to Cornelius’ residence. But before they could act, Alice started shooting at Cornelius.

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Before Schenk could arrest Cornelius, she ran away when she realized the police were also present. But when the mobster showed him the photograph of Luther at the warehouse, he pulled out all the stops. When Luther realized this, Halliday discreetly texted Schenk to let him know what they were up to and where they were.

Later, Schenk called Halliday to bring Luther back to the station covertly. They discovered six victims murdered there while wearing masks of Jeremy’s face. Afterward, it became clear that Jeremy had been attempting to harm Halliday while pretending to be one of the deceased.

He was defeated by Luther, who then bound him to a radiator. Halliday then notified Luther that she had informed Schenk of their location, and he got ready to go. Alice appeared, still enraged by Halliday’s betrayal, and killed him to set Luther up.

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He pursued her into a construction site, where she shot him in the shoulder and fled. The police were able to find them there because of a blood trail. During a heated argument, Alice shot Luther once again. He tried to arrest her for Halliday’s murder when he was weak, but she stabbed him in the face and confessed her love.

Luther pounced at Alice as she was about to reshoot him, shoving her off the scaffolding, but he caught her before she fell to her death. She then cut off his hand, causing him to release, and her lifeless body could be seen several meters below.

When Schenk arrived and detained Luther, the investigator left the construction site with his future very unclear. It is unclear whether Luther’s narrative will stop here or if he will find a way out of it, as there has been no word of a second series.

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