Luther the Fallen Sun Cast: Meet the Stars of the Movie!

Time is almost up. Idris Elba is returning as the unconventional detective Luther after spending four years away from the big screen. Luther has been disgraced and imprisoned since the stunning season finale.

In the brand-new Netflix movie The Fallen Sun, Cynthia Erivo plays a rival investigator named Odette Raine as Luther returns to stop an Andy Serkis-played cyber-killer. And Dermot Crowley, who plays DSU Martin Schenk in the original series, will be the only confirmed cast member to join them. But other than the main cast, who else appears in the movie? Continue reading for all the information you require regarding Luther: The Fallen Sun’sformt.

Luther the Fallen Sun Cast

Here are the actors playing the roles in Luther: The Fallen Sun; read on for additional information about them and other places you may have seen them previously.

Idris Elba plays John Luther.

Who is John Luther? John Luther, a former chief inspector with the Serious Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police, was well-known for his exceptional deductive abilities and capacity to bring criminals to justice.

However, he frequently did so through unconventional and unlawful methods. After the conclusion of season 5, he was detained and is now behind bars. The Falling Sun’s trailer suggests that this might not last long.

Where have I seen Idris Elba? Although Luther may be one of Elba’s most well-known roles, he is also famous for his work in The Wire, the US version of The Office, Beast, Prometheus, Star Trek Beyond, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, The Suicide Squad, The Harder They Fall, and several MCU films as Heimdall.

Cynthia Erivo plays Odette Raine.

Who is Odette Raine? Luther’s adversary Odette is a rival detective who is out to get him once he breaks out of jail.

Luther the Fallen Sun Cast
Luther the Fallen Sun Cast

Where have I seen Cynthia Erivo? Erivo, renowned for her work in movies including Pinocchio, Harriet, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Widows, will also star in the next two-part Wicked movie series.

Andy Serkis plays David Robey.

Who is David Robey? David is a tech billionaire who manipulates and murders individuals using surveillance technologies. He and Luther appear to be acquainted.

Where have I seen Andy Serkis? As Gollum in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, as Caesar in the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy, and as Snoke in the Star Wars films, Serkis is most recognized for his motion capture performances. He is renowned for performing as Ulysses Klaue in the MCU, Kino Loy in Andor, and Alfred in The Batman.

Dermot Crowley plays DSU Martin Schenk.

Who is DSU Martin Schenk? The DSU in the Serious Crime Unit, Schenk, was Luther’s previous boss. The series initially introduced him as a potential enemy, looking into Luther’s alleged protocol violations. Now, he is a steadfast supporter of Luther.

Where have I seen Dermot Crowley? In addition to his part in the Luther series, Crowley is recognized for his work on several other films, including Pennyworth, The Wonder, The Suspect, The Death of Stalin, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Thomas Coombes plays Archie Woodward.

Who is Archie Woodward? In The Falling Sun, a new DS set called Archie will be unveiled. Where have I seen Thomas Coombes? Coombes is well-known for his roles in the television shows Save Me, Endeavour, White House Farm, EastEnders, and Living and Boiling Point movies.

You may view a tweet about Luther the Fallen that was posted by UK Film Premieres down below:

Hattie Morahan plays Corinne Aldrich

Who is Corinne Aldrich? After an incident involving her son, Luther offered to assist Corinne. Where have I seen Hattie Morahan? Operation Mincemeat, Enola Holmes, and Beauty and the Beast are just a few of the movies and television shows where Morahan has appeared. Other credits include Outnumbered, Inside No. 9, and The Undeclared War.

Lauryn Ajufo plays Anya Raine.

Who is Anya Raine? Odette’s teenage daughter is named Anya. Where have I seen Lauryn Ajufo? Ajufo is well-known for his roles in the television shows Boiling Point, Tell Me Everything, and The Last Bus.

The following television shows’ casts may pique your attention as well:

Vincent Regan plays Dennis McCabe.

Who is Dennis McCabe? Currently, not much is known about Dennis. Where have I seen Vincent Regan? The television shows Silent Witness, Scott & Bailey, The Royals, Victoria, The Bay, and Before We Die, all featured Regan.

Luther: The Fallen Sun will be available on Netflix on Friday, March 10, and in some theaters on Friday, February 24. Netflix memberships start at £6.99 per month. Virgin Media Stream and Sky Glass both provide Netflix.

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