Mafia Mamma Release Date: When is the Big Day?

There have been many mobster movies over the years, and because they are so common, there are also many gangster movie parodies. On the frequently repeated tale of a person’s life in organized crime, several of these movies and television series put their spin on it.

They range from overtly funny satires like Analyze This (1999) to more somber “dramedies” like The Sopranos that are yet implicitly ironic (1999-2007). Now, Bleecker Street’s dark comedy Mafia Mamma is prepared to put its unique spin on a mafia parody.

Toni Collette, who starred in Knives Out, portrays a down-on-her-luck suburbanite who is abruptly plunged into the complex world of crime in Catherine Hardwick’s Mafia Mamma.

Collette’s character, who has traveled to rural Italy, is chosen to take over as the new head of one of the nation’s most feared crime families, a position she cannot even begin to comprehend given that she has never set foot in Europe and that the majority of her knowledge of the mafia comes from the shows and films mentioned above.

If she ever wants to be treated as the merciless mafia boss that her peers want her to be and become the “Mafia Mom” (though her employees presumably won’t call her that), she must learn the ropes quickly.

Mafia Mamma Release Date

Mafia Mamma Release Date
Mafia Mamma Release Date

When the movie eventually opens exclusively in theaters on Friday, April 14, 2023, Toni Collette will formally accept an offer that she can’t refuse. Currently, no plans have been made for streaming or VOD distribution.

Watch the Mafia Mamma Trailer

The protagonist of Mafia Mamma, Kristin Balbano (Toni Collette), is swiftly introduced in the film’s first trailer as she goes about her normal day in a suburban American neighborhood before receiving an unexpected phone call. The caller is a woman named Bianca (Monica Bellucci), who we later learn is the consignee for the Balbano mafia family.

The call originates from Italy. Alessandro Bressanello’s Giuseppe Balbano, Bianca’s grandfather, has passed away, she tells Kristin. Despite the fact that that sounds like devastating news, Kristin tells Bianca that she doesn’t really know her grandfather and seems unconcerned about it.

Despite this, Kristin receives an invitation to the Rome burial service for her estranged grandfather. She ultimately decides to accept the offer after realizing that it might be an amazing vacation and a chance to visit the nation where her family is from. Once the burial service is starting, Kristin comes to Rome and starts enquiring about Bianca’s grandfather.

As the procession is ambushed by armed assassins who are after Kristin, she learns the truth in an unexpected way, prompting her to rightfully wonder what is going on. After returning to the Balbano estate, Kristin hears previous audio from her grandfather explaining why she is there.

Despite their lack of a personal relationship, her grandfather chose Kristin to succeed him since she is one of his last living blood relatives. She decides to try her hand at running a lethal criminal gang with some encouragement from Bianca. The Mafia Mamma title card that appears at the end of the trailer is obviously eerily similar to The Godfather’s logo (1972).

The Mafia Mamma release date was announced on Twitter by Regal on February 28, 2023:

Oddly enough, the only thing missing from the trailer is the release date. Thankfully, the second teaser, which was released on February 28th, does give a more specific date and includes a little bit more comedy material. Although it does provide a few additional crucial details, the trailer is otherwise quite similar to the first.

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First, we find out that Kristin is in a shattered marriage after discovering that her husband is having an affair. This is especially difficult because she anticipates being alone once her son leaves for college. Most essential, though, is that Kristin’s new crime family is shocked to find that she has never seen The Godfather.

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