Melody Holt Boyfriend 2023: Who Is Her Mysterious Man?

Melody Holt is a well-known reality television personality, author, and successful businesswoman. She is well known for her role on the OWN series Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Three couples who are friends and business partners in Huntsville, Alabama, are the subject of the television program.

One of the critical couples on the show was Melody Holt and her ex-husband Martell Holt. However, once Martell’s infidelity was made public, their marriage broke down, and they divorced inconclusively. In 2020, Melody Holt requested a divorce, granted in 2021. Additionally, she got full custody of their four kids.

Melody Holt has been concentrating on her job and happiness ever since. In 2023, she started dating a new man but hasn’t made his identity public.

However, her cousins and ex-husband have left hints that have caused admirers to conjecture about who her current partner is. What is currently known about Melody Holt’s boyfriend in 2023 is listed below.

Devyn Keith

Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith represents District 1. Additionally, he is the founder and director of The Village of Promise, a nonprofit that offers social and educational assistance to underprivileged children and families.

Melody Holt Boyfriend 2023

He graduated from Samford University with a bachelor’s in public health and Harvard University with a master’s in public policy.

After Martell Holt posted a cryptic message on Instagram in February 2023 (which has since been deleted), Devyn Keith was implicated as Melody Holt’s lover. “Y’all let me know if Melody Shari or anyone else started a GoFundMe for Devyn Keith. I have a lil something. #King”. Fans believed Martell Holt was making fun of Melody Holt’s new boyfriend, who had just been detained for theft.

Devyn Keith was allegedly detained for stealing a $20 pair of headphones from Walmart. He said it was an honest error that he neglected to pay for them at the self-checkout.

Later, he posted a Facebook post, thanking his family and friends for their support and expressing gratitude for the professionalism of the Walmart personnel and police enforcement authorities.

However, no hard proof exists that Devyn Keith is Melody Holt’s boyfriend. They have both remained coy about their dating status. They haven’t been spotted together in public or on social media.

Someone Else

Another option is that the person who hasn’t been named as Melody Holt’s boyfriend is someone else.

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She might be concealing him out of concern for her privacy or to save him the turmoil and attention that going on a reality TV show would bring. She might also be awaiting the ideal opportunity to expose him to her fan base.

Melody Holt’s cousins have suggested she has a new partner who pampers her and makes her happy. They have also expressed their happiness for them and their admiration for his good looks. They haven’t disclosed his identity or any other information, though.

Since her divorce, Melody Holt has not talked much about her romantic life. She stated that she is open to falling in love again and is not particular about her spouse. She has also said that her priorities are her children and herself and that she is having a good time.


Melody Holt is a resilient and self-reliant lady who has triumphed over numerous obstacles in her personal and professional lives. Additionally, she has discovered a new love since her divorce from Martell Holt. In 2023, her new lover has not yet been made public.

Fans have conjectured that it might be Devyn Keith, a Huntsville city politician, but no evidence supports this. For now, Melody Holt would prefer to keep the other person’s identity confidential. Whoever he is, we hope he treats Melody Holt respectfully and makes her happy.


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