Lonzo Ball Ex Girlfriend: Who Presently Has His Romantic Attention?

Basketball player Lonzo Ball represents the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He was also the 2017 NBA Draft’s second overall pick and a former UCLA standout.

He is renowned for his leadership qualities, passing, defence, and outspoken father, LaVar Ball. But who is Lonzo Ball dating right now, and who is she? Here is all the information you require regarding his romantic history.

Who Is Lonzo Ball Ex Girlfriend?

Model and social media influencer Denise Garcia has 360K Instagram followers. She also played soccer in the past for Seattle University and UC Riverside. She first met Lonzo Ball in high school, and the two have been dating since 2014. In 2018, their daughter Zoey Christina Ball was born.

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However, things were not always easy in their relationship. Due to Lonzo Ball’s hectic schedule and rumoured adultery, they split up and reconciled multiple times.

Additionally, some conflict between them was made public on social media, where they insulted one another. On Instagram Live, Denise Garcia even referred to Lonzo Ball as a “deadbeat dad” and promised to expose him in a book.

Lonzo Ball Ex Girlfriend

In a radio interview, Lonzo Ball casually revealed that he and Denise Garcia had split up again. He said that they were still co-parenting their child and had no hatred against one another. In addition, he declared that he was single and not looking for love.

Who Is Lonzo Ball Dating Now?

Instagram model and social media influencer Ally Rossel has more than 154K followers. She is also Courtney Conejo’s sister, who is friends with LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo Ball’s brother. After being introduced by her sister, she and Lonzo Ball began dating in the latter half of 2020.

They did not share much information about one another on social media and kept their relationship under wraps. They were seen together at several gatherings and occasions, including Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Together, they also took vacations to Mexico and Hawaii.

However, their romance was short-lived. In the middle of 2021, they split up for unexplained reasons. After that, Ally Rossel started dating Lonzo Ball’s former Los Angeles Laker’s colleague Jordan Clarkson. Before splitting up, they dated for a short while as well.

Ally Rossel and Lonzo Ball shocked everyone by reuniting in October 2021. By dressing as Batman and Catwoman for Halloween, they once more made their connection known. Along with sharing photos of themselves, they used the hashtags “my love” and “my everything” to refer to one another.

On Instagram, Lonzo Ball posted a picture. She loves me so much; she helps me win…she inspires, he wrote:-


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When Did Lonzo Ball Meet Ally Rossel?

Basketball player Lonzo Ball represents the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Additionally, he is engaged to model and social media influencer Ally Rossel. But how did their relationship begin, and when did they first meet?

According to several reports, Courtney Conejo, the sister of Ally Rossel, introduced Lonzo Ball and Ally Rossel in 2019. Courtney introduced them since she is friends with LiAngelo Ball, Lonzo’s brother. In 2020, they began dating, and they’ve been together nonstop ever since.

When they shared photos of themselves on Instagram in July 2020, they announced their relationship to the world. Together, they also took vacations to Mexico and Hawaii.

Midway through 2021, they experienced a brief breakup before reconciling a few months later. When they dressed as Batman and Catwoman for Halloween in 2021, they once more made their love official.

On March 5, 2021, Lonzo Ball popped the question to Ally Rossel in a private event that loved ones saw. He presented her with a magnificent diamond ring, which is said to have cost over $200,000. He claimed he knew she was the one for him when he first met her. They intend to wed shortly and have a family as a couple.


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