Zach Bryan Divorce: His Untold Divorce And Breakup Story

The singer of country music Zach Bryan was formerly wed to Rose Madden. The couple married in July 2020 near Colchuck Lake in Washington after meeting while serving in the military. Their union was brief, though, since they divorced in July 2021, just one year after marriage.

Bryan’s adultery when Rose was on active duty in Italy caused their separation. Regarding who filed for divorce, there are contradicting stories. The couple didn’t have any kids.

Bryan starts seeing Deb Peifer after he and Rose Madden are divorced. On January 3, 2022, they announced their relationship to the public. But they split up a little more than a week ago.

Zach Bryan Divorce

The 27-year-old has chiefly covered evidence of his previous relationship with Rose in the years after their divorce. Zach and Rose married in July 2020, but Page Six reports that their euphoria as newlyweds did not last long because they divorced a year later.

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Since she unexpectedly ceased using social media after their divorce, Rose deleted all references to their relationship from her accounts. Nearly a year after she and Zach married, she joined Instagram again in July 2021. She captioned the picture, “She’s ba—ack ;-)”.

Rose and Zach tweeted their engagement on August 18, 2020. In response to a fan posting a meme asking for more products, the singer said he was preoccupied with more important concerns.

Zach tweeted, “Ya sorry brother had to get married that’s my bad.”

Additionally, the wedding photographer has kept the images posted on their official Facebook page even though the ex-lovers have deleted all traces of one another from social media.

Opinions And Reactions From Fans Regarding Their Divorce

One year after their wedding, the couple decided to divorce. Many of Zach’s followers looked into what might have gone wrong on social media and blogs, and many accused the Grammy-nominated singer of allegedly cheating on Rose.

Zach Bryan Divorce

Zach and his ex haven’t publicly addressed the rumours about how their relationship ended despite the claims.

Did Zach Bryan Date Debbie Peifer?

Soon after his relationship with Rose ended, Zach was linked to Debbie. On both of their social media profiles, they made their connection known.

Zach was frequently featured on Debbie’s TikTok account, and in a video from October 2022, Zach sang about losing his voice. “We’re on our way home! I lost my voice at a wedding, and I have to play in a day!

He sang at the time with a scratchy voice. When Debbie gave the cassette the funny title “dropping soon,” she implied the song would go viral.

He gives you a warm head kiss at the end of the video. During the early days of their relationship, Debbie also shared a black-and-white photo of them on Instagram, which she has since removed.

When Did Zach Bryan And Debbie Split?

The ex-Navy officer announced on Twitter on May 31, 2023, that he and Debbie had broken up. He began his letter dejectedly by writing, “For transparency and with respect, I am letting everyone know Debra and me went our separate ways about a week and a half ago.”

Things are mutual between us, we’re leaving with plenty memories and good times. I beg so much that everyone respects her and my privacy through a hard time.” Debbie hasn’t responded yet, but she’s already started deleting Zach-related content from her multiple internet personas.


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