Michael Lang Net Worth: How Much Money Did Woodstock’69 Make?

Michael Lang Net Worth: The impact Michael Lang has had on American music and the live performance experience is unmatched. Michael Lang, the co-creator of the Woodstock/99 music event, died in January 2022, leaving a hole in the music business. American music luminaries dubbed him the “face of music.

” What happened to Michael Lang? What was their total wealth of Michael Lang? What was Michael Lang’s annual salary? How much money did Michael Lang make? Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Michael Lang.

A major music and art festival called Woodstock ’99 was never meant to finish the way it did when it began. Michael Lang, one of the company’s co-founders, had the notion to only promote music and peace.

Let’s find out more about his life, his dedication to music, his achievements, net worth, and his death.

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A Brief History of Mr. Michael Lang

Michael Lang, a sculptor, and painter from Brooklyn was born in 1944. He had a family of five. When Joe Cocker and Leon Russell toured together in 1982, his first wife, singer Ann Lang, sang background for them.

When Ann died, he fell in love with Tamara Pajic and wed her as well. ” Michael Lang, 77, died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma on January 8, 2022, in New York City.

What Is Woodstock’99?

Woodstock, a three-day music event held in August 1969, was a celebration of love, peace, and harmony. Years after the original event, Michael Lang and Kornfeld attempted to bring it back for a new generation.

Despite the high hopes, the event turned out to be one of the most contentious in music history due to poor venue arrangements, rioting, damage, and assault.

Forcing everyone to pay astronomical prices for everything, the festival’s initial message of love and peace was abandoned and people stopped taking it seriously. The irate supporters set the trucks around them on fire because they were fed up with the insults they were receiving.

Isn’t it incredible? However, what do you expect when the audience members are dying from weariness and dehydration because the organizers want to earn money?

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Michael Lang Net Worth
Michael Lang Net Worth

The Career Highlights of Michael Lang

The 1969 and 2019 Woodstock Music and Art Fairs

When he traveled to New York and met Kornfeld, he came up with the life-changing idea for Woodstock to honor the 1960s social movements. Lang began putting up Woodstock, which he filmed for three days.

A Record Label Run by Just Sunshine

Lang’s Just Sunshine Records has produced a large body of work by recording and distributing more than 40 albums by musicians such as Karen Dalton, Betty Davis, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Lang’s clientele included Joe Cocker, Ricky Lee Jones, Willy Deville, and Tarkan.

The Michael Lang Group

At the Michael Lang Organization, Lang served as an associate producer. Snoop Dogg, Shakira, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera, Linkin Park, and Avril Lavigne are among the many artists with whom MLO has collaborated throughout the years.

In partnership with Sony Music Entertainment

Michael Lang and Joel of Woodstock Ventures teamed up with Sony Music Entertainment in 2009 to launch the new woodstock.com website as an homage to the old Woodstock Festivals’ legacy.

Michael Lang Honors And Awards

Lang was awarded the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award by the Muhammad Ali Foundation. Woodstock Festivals founder Michael Lang was awarded this prize for his efforts to motivate young people to get involved in social justice concerns in their communities, which is precisely what he accomplished.

Michael Lang Net Worth


The New York home of Michael Lang, known as “Happy Brooks,” has a value of $2,450,000. In addition to a cottage with a greenhouse, a koi pond, and a swimming pool, his 17-acre property featured breathtaking mountain views. Lang also owns a palatial villa in Bali, a beautiful island known for its peace and tranquility.

Earnings of Michael Lang

The 1999 music festival he sponsored is thought to have brought in a sizable amount of money, in addition to the millions he has earned over his career. The price of each ticket was said to be $150, plus a service fee.

More than $60 million in ticket revenue was generated from the event’s ticket sales alone, which drew in over 400,000 people. There is no profit from the sale of beverages and snacks, which retail for around $4 each. Non-profits working on the site are also said to have received $73,000.

Everyone has been waiting for this moment, and you must remain cool since finding out Michael Lang’s net worth is going to blow your mind! We calculated Michael Lang’s net worth to be roughly $9 million after looking at all of his possessions and earnings.


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