What Is Miss Cleo Net Worth In 2022? How Much Money Did Cleo Charge?

Miss Cleo Net Worth: Youree Dell Harris (August 12, 1962 – July 26, 2016) was an American actress and television personality best known for playing Miss Cleo in a string of commercials for the psychic pay-per-call service Psychic Readers Network that ran from 1997 to 2003. Among Harris’ many identities were Cleomili Harris and Youree Perris.

Early Life And Education

Harris was raised in a Catholic Afro-Caribbean family and was born on August 12, 1962, in Los Angeles. She went to a boarding school for girls only. In Seattle, Washington, Harris founded a theatrical production company in 1996 that went on to stage numerous of her plays.

She also performed in her debut play, For Women Only, which was autobiographical. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, her most recent endeavor, the Supper Club Cafe in 1997, was a failure and she “left town with a trail of debts and broken promises.”

Some members of the cast of her productions have claimed that they were never paid; however, Harris has written each actor and member of the crew a letter outlining the amount of money she owes them.

Harris allegedly informed her cast members that she had bone cancer and that her medical expenses would prevent her from paying people right away.

Miss Cleo’s Personal Life And Death

Harris got hitched at the young age of 19, had a daughter, and got divorced at the age of 21. In her late 20s, she gave birth to a second daughter. She came out as a lesbian in 2006. Harris was diagnosed with colon cancer, which spread.

On July 26, 2016, at the age of 53, she passed away in Palm Beach, Florida, while receiving hospice care. “Call Me Miss Cleo,” a feature-length documentary on Harris’s life, was released by HBO Max in December 2022.

Miss Cleo’s Career Journey

Harris started working as Cleo for the Psychic Readers Network in the late 1990s. She appeared as a psychic in a television advertisement and identified herself as a Jamaican shaman. Harris was born and raised in Trelawny, Jamaica, according to her employer’s website.

The title is credited to the network “Miss Cleo” and distributed unsolicited emails, some of which read, “(Miss Cleo has) been authorized to grant you a Special Tarot Reading! It is essential that you call right away!”

Miss Cleo Net Worth
Miss Cleo’s Net Worth

Around this time, allegations of dishonest advertising and network fraud started to arise. Allegations that calls to Miss Cleo were answered by her “associates,” who were actors reading from scripts, and that calls advertised as “free” were charged for were included in the complaints.

Keepin’ It Real: A Practical Guide for Spiritual Living, a companion book, was published in 2001. Miss Cleo was given credit for writing it.

Although a later Consumer Affairs report stated that “many customers were satisfied with the service,” Access Resource Services, doing business as Psychic Readers Network, was sued in 2001 in several lawsuits with origins in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and other states. The source of the report was not given.

Steven Feder and Peter Stotz, the owners of the business and Harris’ supporters, were accused by the Federal Trade Commission of engaging in dishonest invoicing, collection, and advertising practices in 2002; Harris was not indicted.

The network has issued $1 billion in invoices to its victims. Her promoters consented to a settlement that included the cancellation of $500 million in debt due to the network by its victims as well as a $5 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission.

The fact that Harris was born in Los Angeles and that her parents were citizens of the United States came to light during a legal proceeding in Florida.

Subsequent Career

In the computer game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from 2002, Harris provided the voice for Auntie Poulet. The New York Daily News announced in 2003 that Harris had been hired as a spokesman by the TV music network Fuse.

According to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Harris appeared as Miss Cleo in television commercials for a used vehicle shop in Florida around the beginning of 2005. In the 2014 film Hotline, which focused on telephone connections between strangers, she gave a speech under the name Cleomili Harris in which she discussed her experiences at the Psychic Readers Network.

In a 2015 series of commercials for the General Mills breakfast cereal French Toast Crunch, Harris portrayed Miss Cleo. The Psychic Readers Network intervened because Miss Cleo belonged to them. The commercials were stopped.

Miss Cleo’s Net Worth

Distractify estimated Miss Cleo’s net worth at $200,000. Youree Harris, Miss Cleo’s real name, was also known as Ree Perris, Youree Cleomili, Cleomili Harris, and other names. When Miss Cleo joined the Psychic Friends Network and went on television to advertise the company, she gained notoriety.

Although it was later established that viewers were being charged, they had been promised a free first reading. As a result, The Psychic Readers Network, the business that operates the Miss Cleo hotline, was charged by the Federal Trade Commission, according to NPR. The PRN network ultimately had to pay $5 million in penalties.

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