Poker Face Episode 8 Ending Explained: Why Did Laura Kill Max?

The Orpheus Syndrome, the seventh episode of “Poker Face” relates the tale of a guy whose conscience was troubled by guilt but who was unaware that he was holding himself accountable unnecessarily for crimes he had not committed. His drive to revive the past and undo what he couldn’t previously have consumed his entire existence.

Charlie found him intriguing, and she probably begged him for her apprenticeship for the first time ever. Also, she was sick and tired of constantly being told lies, so it was refreshing to encounter a man who told the truth.

Poker Face Episode 8 Ending Explained

When Lily Albern, the star of his movie, passed away on the set some 30 years ago, Arthur was about to make his directing debut and he hated himself. Arthur envisioned a scene in which the actress submerged herself and came under attack from a sea monster.

Lily had to enter the large tank, which featured an emergency system where, if she had any difficulties, she could press a button on her palm to activate a red light outside and alert the crew. That day, they had made numerous attempts to capture the ideal photo, but they had been unsuccessful.

She hit the button each time she went inside, but the shot never went off. When Arthur became a little irritated, he became harsh with her. The crew exhaled in satisfaction as Lily delivered the perfect shot in the final take, but they soon realized that she hadn’t emerged from the tank.

Arthur was convinced that Lily would have survived if he hadn’t put pressure on her before she drowned in the water tank.

Poker Face Episode 8 Ending Explained
Poker Face Episode 8 Ending Explained

The day she arrived to bring wigs from a barbershop to Arthur, which he needed for his maquettes, Charlie had already begun working as Arthur’s assistant. She was enthralled by Arthur’s personality and, more significantly, by the work he did. Charlie admired Arthur for always telling it how it was, no matter how harsh it was.

When Laura asked him to have Max’s maquette constructed, Charlie was in Arthur’s workshop. Charlie had recognized that Laura was lying for some reason, and she had told Arthur about it. Arthur made the decision to watch the Dragonfish making-of video even though he didn’t believe it at the moment because of a gut feeling.

Once more present for the events of April 12, 1989, he unintentionally caught something that revealed Laura and made her misdeeds public. Because Laura believed that the actress was purposefully squandering their time and resources, she turned the red lamp off.

The three partners had a lot on the line, and in order to finance their movie, they even put their homes up for a mortgage. Laura had suddenly been enraged and killed the helpless girl. For the past thirty years, Arthur had only himself to blame, and he was disgusted by what Laura had done.

Until that day, he had great respect for Laura, but after that, everything changed. Laura was given the original reel by Arthur, who also told her she could use it however she wanted. Laura poisoned his drink the same way she had Max’s because she was still unsure about him. Charlie discovered Arthur laying on his doorstep after he passed away.

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Charlie went to see Laura merely to find out if Arthur had atoned for his sins in his dying moments. She wanted to know if he was able to pass away peacefully, but instead, she came to the conclusion that Laura was lying and concealing something.

As Laura talked about how she felt some sort of release and stopped taking responsibility for Max’s murder after meeting Arthur, her deception came to light. Raoul was contacted by Charlie and asked to provide the digital files of the Dragonfish set video that had been recorded behind the scenes.

She discovered how Laura would have used the maquette to erase the files after noticing that one specific file had been deleted. When Laura arrived to steal Arthur’s complete setup, Raoul confronted her and questioned her about why she had removed the initial reel. According to Laura, Arthur brought the movie to her house and burned it there.

While hiding, Charlie was listening to the conversation when she noticed that the film had not been entirely erased. She made connections and surmised that Arthur might have cut out the crucial passages and stashed them somewhere. She discovered that one of his sculptures, the Medusa from Zazamoosh, had a spliced film.

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Laura had planned a celebration for members of the industry to attend as she marked the 40th anniversary of her business. Charlie made the decision to make her misdeeds public, so she played the cut-out portions of the movie where a young Laura was seen turning off the red light. Laura was unable to witness the destruction of her life in front of her.

She felt as though the spirit of her past had taken possession of her, and like Max, she had sacrificed her life by leaping from the building. Charlie tried to save Laura but was unable to do so. Laura stood there, likely believing that the ritual of atonement for taking an innocent life had been fulfilled.

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