Is Punchmade Dev Arrested? Know The Full Story Behind It!

American rapper Punchmade Dev is also a businessman, actor, investor, producer, and director. His inventive use of social media, video games, and technology to grow a fan base has made him most famous.

He is the primary member and creator of PUNCHMADE RECORDS, the collective and record label. Read this to discover the latest updates on rapper Punchmade Dev and find out if he has been arrested.

Has Panchmade Dev Been Arrested?

Whether Punchmade Dev has been apprehended is unknown because there are no trustworthy sources. Punchmade Dev claimed in a tweet that the cops had stolen $160,000 from him. But he soon began using Instagram photos and stories to flaunt his past.

Punchmade Dev may or may not be under arrest, but it’s more probable that the authorities are looking into him for possible fraud. The rapper is not now in police custody, and there is no formal report available on the subject.

Who is Punchmade Dev?

Punchcrafted Dev is a gifted man from Kentucky, USA, with several talents. He was born on October 16, 2000, and is a true man of many trades. He is an artist, rapper, songwriter, producer, director, businessman, actor, and investor.

In addition to his exceptional musical abilities, he has successfully pursued a number of commercial endeavors. Punchmade Dev has an enormous fan base on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, where he communicates with them frequently.

Punchmade Dev Arrested

Many people have fallen in love with his music, which is available on SoundCloud and Apple Music. He has also released a number of tracks and albums. His debut album “Undefeated” was well-received by critics and well-received by fans when it was released in 2021.

Punchmade Dev Scammers

Rapper Punchmade Dev was accused of prepayment schemes in a Reddit post. Card sales that could be connected to the Cash App and cash out are a part of the purported plan. Consumers are forced to pay a lot less upfront than what was first promised, and then the con artist disappears or makes up an excuse.

A few comments on the article assert that the rapper has conned them or that they know of someone who has. Punchmade Dev is renowned for being an internet rapper who discusses his fast-paced lifestyle. Still, there have been claims that he may have been complicit in identity theft and a sophisticated online retail scam.

Still, no formal confirmation exists that he was involved in any illicit activity. Technological advancements have led to an increase in cybercrime and online fraud, which has caused financial loss and emotional misery.

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Punchmade Dev Shut Down By YouTube as Police Investigate ‘Wire Fraud Tutorial’

Punchcrafted Only a few days after getting plaudits for his new song “Wire Fraud Tutorial,” which does exactly what the title implies, Dev finds himself in hot water with the authorities and on YouTube.

The 22-year-old rapper posted a series of messages on Tuesday, July 18, claiming that because of the song’s content, the streaming service had withdrawn the video and the police had opened an inquiry into his account.

Dev initially revealed a direct message (DM) interaction he had with YouTube, during which the platform informed him that it was unable to assist him with his erased video.

“My YouTube video was wrongfully removed. My video ‘Wire Fraud Tutorial’ was solely a reenactment to educate the viewers on how to protect themselves from fraud. Please reinstate my video,” Dev told the platform.

YouTube responded: “Hey there! Thanks for the information we’ve passed this along to the support team. Unfortunately this is beyond our reach as the video was specifically requested to be removed from outside sources.”

“I submitted an appeal still no response,” Dev replied. But YouTube wasn’t budging: “Unfortunately we can no longer assist you with this matter. Our apologies.”

In another email he shared, which seemed to be from YouTube’s legal department, the business told him in no uncertain terms that the police are investigating him, but they are not required to give a reason just yet.

“This notice is to inform you that we received legal process from law-enforcement, seeking information about your account, and produced data as required by law,” the email reads.

“The legal process was accompanied by an order that prohibited us from disclosing information about the case, until a specific time has expired, and we were legally required to produce the records specified in the demand.”

It concluded: “If you would like additional information about the legal process, please let us know as soon as possible by responding to this email.”

Wire Fraud Tutorial,” which was released on July 12, showcases Dev’s skill at lying.

“Listen up, I’m finna show y’all how to hit a bank/ Just pay attention, this a quick way to jug in any state/ First you wanna get a bank log from a trusted site/ Do your research because the information must be right,” he raps before going into detail about how beginners should go about committing the Class C felony.

The native of North Carolina has a history of living a life of crime and deceit. In the same genre as his most recent release, he has already published other tracks, including “Easy Scams” and “Scam Tag.”

Along with these songs, Dev has recorded a number of other thought-provoking and contentious ones, including “Special Needs Kids,” “Cancer Patient,” and “Punch Anthem.” Right now, the core of his brand is his lighthearted approach to weighty subjects.

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