Riverside Sheriff Deputy Ki!!ed After San Jacinto Car Collision!

Officials have verified that a deputy sheriff from Riverside County passed away in San Jacinto following a violent collision with another car.

The Hemet station of the department’s deputy Brett Harris was involved in a collision while responding to a call for service early on Friday morning.

As a result of colliding with a light pole, the deputy’s patrol car’s back end was crushed, and the front end of the civilian vehicle was also damaged, according to the authorities. Although injured while attempting to assist Harris, the other deputy is well.

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Sheriff Bianco announced that Harris did not survive in a statement on Sunday. The crash left the 26-year-old with serious wounds, including a “catastrophic brain injury,” according to Bianco.

Riverside Deputy Ki!!ed

“In a final act of Service Above Self, it was Deputy Harris’s wish to donate his organs so that others may live. The Harris family is currently working with the hospital to ensure his wishes are honored,” the sheriff’s statement read.

Los Angeles Times said by tweeting on Twitter:

His wife, parents, twin sister, and brother all survive Harris. Plans for the funeral have not been made public. It was not immediately clear what caused the collision.

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