Who is Goku Black? Revelations About Dragon Ball’s Dark Warrior!

Goku, the protagonist of the iconic Dragon Ball anime and manga series, is regarded by many as the anime genre’s public face. He ranks among the most well-liked heroes and villains, which is only fitting.

According to a recent Viz Media poll, Goku Black, the wicked Saiyan, is one of the most adored characters in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Although the concept of evil twins is not new, manga gives it a fresher feel than other media, mainly when used in a popular anime like Dragon Ball.

The idea is never dull, and it sounds beautiful just on paper to imagine an evil Goku enslaving the planet. Here’s a closer look at why this is so effective and how it entirely alters the perception of Shonen Jump.

Who is Goku Black?

The appeal of the evil twin may be one factor in Goku Black’s popularity. The primary characters of numerous Western comic novels and cartoons battle bad mirror versions and doppelgangers; superheroes are no strangers to twisted twins.

Seeing how far a person with the main character’s abilities, money, or connections would go to achieve their goals enables morals and loyalties to be tested.

Surprisingly, even in shonen fight stories, this cliché isn’t nearly as prevalent in anime and manga. As a result, Goku Black is more distinctive than he may be in other media.

Who is Goku Black

His body-hopping plot sounds like it belongs in a Western superhero story, but given how rarely one of such stories is used in the manga, it comes out as a novel idea.

What Makes Goku Black So Popular?

The fact that Goku Black is a particular inversion of Goku’s character is another factor in his popularity. The Dragon Ball fandom has frequently questioned Goku’s bravery because of his focus on fighting and growing stronger.

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Of course, he believes in justice and doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt, but sometimes his fight for victory comes at the expense of his obligations to his family and basic decency.

Goku Black takes this to the nth degree, considering mortals as weaklings beneath him and criticizing the gods for permitting mortals to exist in peace. The fact that he is (or was) a mere mortal himself only strengthens the theme, especially when compared to other franchise villains.

Recently, Fortnite shared a Tweet related to Goku Black:

The Gods of Destruction, Majin Buu, Cell, and other adversaries are unearthly demons, experiments, or other inhuman-looking monsters whose desire for power and conquest matches their less-than “normal” designs.

Goku Black, on the other hand, has the exact appearance of Dragon Ball’s venerable hero, whom fans have grown to know since he was a young boy. Being worse than the Androids ever were and acting in a genocidal manner is not only a change of pace for the series but also something unique for all of manga and anime.

Although there have been many “evil” interpretations of Superman in the world, eventually seeing the actual anime or manga equivalent is, as the aforementioned Viz Media survey demonstrates, a devilishly effective recipe for success.

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