The Flash Movie Cast: Meet the Actors and Characters That Having Played Role!

The Flash’s most recent trailer showcased the DC film’s impressive cast ahead of its much-awaited premiere. The Flash received positive reviews after its debut at this year’s Cinema Con, which increased interest in its June release.

As promotion intensified, rumors about potential characters who might appear in addition to the already-announced cast started circulating.

The Flash Movie Cast

 Ezra Miller – Barry Allen-

Without the Flash’s interpretation of DC’s Scarlet Speedster, no Flash project would be complete. After portraying the traditional DC hero in Batman v Superman and Justice League, Ezra Miller continues to play Barry Allen in The Flash.

However, Miller will not only embody the Barry Allen that spectators are familiar with this time; they will also portray a Barry Allen from another world who, as the movie progresses, is likely to turn into a criminal rendition of the Scarlet Speedster.

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Miller may hang up their sprinters for good, but they will get at least one final super-powered lap as the Flash while his future with the brand is still in doubt.

Sasha Calle – Supergirl

The Flash will still have a Kryptonian in the lead role despite lacking Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. The next film will feature Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, in her first (possibly final) DC appearance.

It appears that Michael Shannon’s evil General Zod will be challenged by Calle’s Kara Kent in her own adaptation of the Man of Steel narrative from 2013. Things appear a little different, though, as The Flash draws its inspiration from the Flashpoint event, in which Supergirl (the comic book version of Superman) is kidnapped by the US government and stripped of her powers using red sun radiation.

Michael Keaton – Batman

Michael Keaton is reprising his Bruce Wayne/Batman role in The Flash after a 30-year absence. When audiences last saw Keaton’s Caped Crusader in 1992’s Batman Returns, he had long white hair instead of his usual clean-cut appearance.

Barry Allen, played by Miller, finds himself in a parallel universe where this version of Bruce lives, so Keaton’s Dark Knight will act as something of a mentor for the young hero. After The Flash, it seems improbable that Keaton will get to return to his DC role, but the veteran of Hollywood will have one last chance to don the cape and cowl before calling it quits.

The Flash Movie Cast

The marketing for The Flash also showed the first image of Keaton’s Batman without his mask, revealing an aged but still formidable Bruce Wayne.

Michael Shannon – General Zod

Michael Shannon, who played General Zod in The Flash, is another DC star who will make a comeback after a hiatus. Since being ki!!ed by Henry Cavill’s Superman in Man of Steel, Shannon has not appeared in the franchise featuring costumes.

Shannon’s Zod is returning, however; this time, he is facing off against characters like Ezra Miller’s Flash, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, and Michael Keaton’s Batman because the Multiverse is a major theme in The Flash’s tale. He was first mentioned in the film’s most recent teaser. He was first confirmed to reprise his role back in December 2021.

Shannon said that Zack Snyder gave the go-ahead for him to reprise his role as Zod in The Flash, noting that “Zack, to his credit, was very understanding.”

Take a look at the tweet below, Recently, The Flash Film News shared a Tweet related to the The Flash Movie Cast:

Kiersey Clemons – Iris West

Iris West has been a recurring character for Kiersey Clemons since her brief cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but The Flash sees her reprise the role.

It is unknown if Clemons’ character will appear in the DC Universe that fans have lived in since 2013’s Man of Steel and the parallel universe that is the focus of this super-powered epic, even though Iris is often Barry Allen/The Flash’s love interest.

Ben Affleck – Batman

After engaging in a game of “Will they? The Flash’s most recent trailer verified that Ben Affleck’s Batman is still in the movie, making it probable that this is his final outing as the DC hero.

When Andy Muschietti’s DC movie begins, Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader will be primarily to blame for where viewers see Ezra Miller’s, Barry Allen. The figure has been financially supporting the Flash’s heroic exploits, and at some point in the film, it appears that they may even join in on the fun.

In addition, Affleck stated that his appearance as Batman in The Flash would only last “five minutes,” implying a minor part.

Ian Loh – Young Barry Allen

A younger version of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, played by newcomer young actor Ian Loh, has also joined the cast. Despite being slated to play a minor role, Loh did make a brief appearance with Maribel Verd’s Nora Allen in the teaser.

He will probably appear during the adult Barry Allen’s expedition to the past to save his mother, which would result in the creation of the Flashpoint timeline.

The Flash Movie Cast

Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Saoirse-Monica Jackson will still appear in The Flash even if no character is currently associated with her in the media. Besides her name appearing on a call sheet in March 2021, nothing has been said regarding the Irish-born actress’s role in the film.

When co-star Ezra Miller they were involved in legal issues for the majority of 2022, Jackson also went out to express her support for him. The identity of the young actress’ potential role is unknown, but given that the movie teases the appearance of a brand-new Justice League, she is possibly involved in that.

Luke Brandon Field

Luke Brandon Field is the last name associated with The Flash, but no formal information about their role exists. The actor, who works successfully with directors like Taika Waititi on his film Jojo Rabbit, will make his DC debut in the upcoming movie.

Grant Gustin – The Flash (Rumored)

Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash on the CW, is believed to participate in the DC Universe movie The Flash. However, nothing official has been revealed about it.

Gustin is about to complete his nine-season run on the CW’s The Flash. Given the Mutliversal shenanigans in the upcoming Flash movie and that Ezra Miller appeared in Gustin’s TV series in 2020, it might make sense to include Gustin’s portrayal of Barry for at least a brief scene.

The Flash Movie Cast

According to a rumor, The Flash will also have an Arrowverse connection. While most people believe this will involve Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster, some have speculated that it may really involve another speedster from the shared universe of The CW.

Gustin, however, refuted speculations that he would play the Flash from the Arrowverse in the film, claiming that he was “not keeping some big elaborate secret, no.”

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