65 Movie Cast: Who is Making Science Fiction Thriller?

It frequently seems as though promoting a movie is simpler than ever in a world where social media is available at our fingers. Naturally, this provides advantages for both production businesses and audiences.

Studios will have more marketing success with their films, and audiences will have more options for their subsequent viewing experience due to their increased knowledge. Many could contend that this primarily benefits the film industry, but that discussion is best saved for another time.

This does however imply that when a movie with a fantastic cast, crew, and premise appears and for some reason, decides to remain enigmatic, many people’s interest is immediately captivated. It’s common for independent films or experimental art-house productions to fly under the radar, but with a film this size, it’s pretty surprising.

From the movie’s announcement in 2020 and Adam Driver’s casting shortly thereafter, 65 has been talked about for many years. This gave plenty of time for information about the movie to surface in this marketing-driven environment.

Unfortunately, there have only been vague rumors and surface-level announcements, and for many people, it has already been long enough that we must presume this is a marketing ploy. Fans didn’t see a trailer until December 2022, thus in light of this and the suspense that surrounds it, here is what we do now know about 65.

65 Movie Cast

The ambiguity of this movie can give the impression that there’s a lot to be desired, but the cast’s talent should allay such concerns. Adam Driver is the first and most prominent name to be revealed in the movie. Driver’s appeal broadens even further as a result of his roles as Mauricio Gucci in House of Gucci and Jaques Le Gris in The Final Duel.

65 Movie Cast
65 Movie Cast

His name alone can now ensure high watching numbers for production. The driver has developed a stellar reputation in Hollywood through his brilliant character acting, making his contribution to this ensemble at the very least comforting. Although he excels in many genres, the lead actor may be unfamiliar with this kind of science fiction.

This would imply that the script and idea were compelling enough to convince Driver to join the production, demonstrating the movie’s viability.

Ariana Greenblatt and Chloe Coleman from Gunpowder Milkshake will appear on television with Driver (Love and Monsters). Predictably, the known cast list ends here, and the character names are still a mystery. Hopefully, that will change as 2023 progresses and the release date approaches.

Who Is Making 65?

When a talented actor like Adam Driver signs on to a project, it is safe to assume that he not only believes in the writing but also the team behind it. Although science fiction can be a difficult genre to get into, 65’s cast list suggests that it might be a commercial hit.

There are many talented hands working on the project because it is a co-production between Columbia Pictures, Beck Woods, Bron Creative, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), and Raimi Productions. The movie, which was written and directed by the talented up-and-coming duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, was made by Spider-Man producer Sam Raimi.

A Quiet Place, one of the most popular horror stories of the past ten years, was written by Beck and Woods after a lesser-known start to their careers that featured the development of numerous excellent but largely unnoticed short films. They practically guarantee that 65 is in good hands because they now have significant weight behind their names.

This is enhanced when one considers the project’s collaboration with iconic composer Danny Elfman (with Men in Black: International composer Chris Bacon), further solidifying how unmissable 65 is turning out to be. In addition to Beck, Woods, and Raimi, the film also bears the production credits of Zainab Azizi, Jason Cloth, Aaron L. Gilbert, Deborah Liebling, Suraj Maraboyina, and Douglas C. Merrifield.

The movie’s cinematographer is Salvatore Totino (Everest), while Michael Kaplan did the costumes (Armageddon). Even if there is little information available about the movie, what we do know is plenty to spark interest in its release, making 65 one of the movies to watch in 2023.

It’s possible that the following lineups of television series will also catch your interest:

Is There a Trailer for 65?

There had been plenty of time for a trailer to be made because the movie’s production was reported to have ended in early 2021. The first 65 trailers finally debuted on December 14, 2022, and they may be seen here:

An ominous, menacing aura permeates the trailer. The driver is comfortable playing the technical-speaking hero who is confused about his surroundings, and when the primordial perils he faces are revealed, the score and speed pick up.

The trailer makes 65 appear to be one of 2023’s most essential sci-fi films, culminating in a masterfully shot jump fright. On January 26, 65 also received a fresh trailer. Examine it below:

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