What Happened to Andy Cosferent? Is He Still Navarro’s Coach?

Netflix’s popular show Cheer came back for season 2 a few weeks ago, but fans quickly noticed that assistant coach Andy Cosferent is not around as much during Navarro practice.

Coach Monica Aldama is back after her time on Dancing with the Stars, leading the team to victory in Daytona, Florida. Wondering What Happened to Andy Cosferent? Let’s find out everything you need to know about him.

What Was Andy’s Role in Cheer?

Andy played a crucial role as an assistant coach in Cheer. In season 2, he was seen alongside Monica, the head coach, just like in the past. A year ago, he was helping the team get ready for the championships.

What makes Andy’s connection to Navarro Cheer special is that he was once a cheerleader there himself. After graduating, Monica promoted him to be an assistant coach, making his bond with the team even stronger.


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What Happened to Andy Cosferent? Is Andy Still Navarro’s Coach?

Andy appears to have left Navarro for the time being. Andy currently owns Cheer Source, a cheerleading camp, according to his Instagram bio.

“It has been so hard not to talk about this, but here it is… I am so honored and excited to embark on this new project and venture! We are going to put in all the work and effort necessary in order to make this a ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE,” Andy announced in an old post.


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Andy is still a proud Navarro Cheer alum (he even has the show included in his Instagram bio), but he’s focusing on his own career for the time being. He’s even taking his cheerleading abilities on the road:

“Another amazing trip to France! Went to the beach, rolled in the sand and got to go to Paris with my best friend haha @binmybag Thank you @paris.cheer for having us once again! It was so fun to see everyone and to see all the teams!” he wrote. You love to see it!


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Frequently Asked  Questions

What happened to Andy from Navarro Cheer?
Andy appears to be ready to move on from his role as an assistant coach, but he remains highly connected with Navarro and Cheer. He also built the Cheer app, in which fans can choose their own avatar from the cast, do routines, and even compete in a championship, much like they do on the show.

Why didn’t Andy return to Navarro?
Kailee Peppers, a new assistant coach, steps in to fill Monica’s shoes, and we don’t see Andy again. There hasn’t been much spoken about his disappearance, but it appears that it wasn’t due to any fight or bad blood; he simply departed to start a new business.

Does Monica still coach Navarro?
The 51-year-old is still the Navarro Head Cheer Coach and has guided her team to Daytona Beach championships in 2022 and 2023.


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