What Happened to Applejack’s Parents? The Search for Missing Roots!

Applejack is a character in the popular kids’ show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Even though it’s made for children, the show has some clever moments and grown-up stories that have touched the hearts of many.

People often wonder about Applejack’s parents and what happened to them? To find out, I watched all of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and joined some online communities to get different perspectives and information.

What Happened to Applejack’s Parents?

What Happened to Applejack’s Parents?

Applejack’s parents are believed to have passed away, although it’s not explicitly stated in the show. The main clue comes from an episode called “Apple Family Reunion.”

In this episode, Applejack and Granny Smith organize a family reunion, and they invite everyone except Applejack’s parents. The absence of Applejack’s parents is noticeable.

During the reunion, there’s an accident that destroys the barn on Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack and her family, along with some friends, work together to fix it.

At the end of the event, Applejack sends a friendship memo to the ruler of Equestria, and two shooting stars are seen in the sky. Many fans believe these shooting stars symbolize Applejack’s deceased parents.

In an extra clip that was removed from the show’s YouTube page, a character named Magi-chan performs a ritual to communicate with the deceased. According to this clip, he successfully contacts Applejack’s parents, and they express their approval of the Apple Family Reunion.

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New Theories About Applejack’s Parents in 2023

In the episode “Apple Family Reunion,” which aired on December 22, 2012, Applejack’s parents were mentioned, but unlike the other ponies, they were talked about in the past tense.

This happened again in the episode “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” when Applejack tells her younger sister Applebloom that their parents would be proud of her. This gives another hint that Applejack’s parents have passed away.

The show’s creator, Lauren Faust, confirmed that Applejack’s parents were always meant to be deceased. The writers couldn’t figure out their stories and decided to leave it that way without going into more details, perhaps because they thought it wasn’t suitable for a children’s cartoon.

The story was wrapped up in the Applejack Family Reunion episode, but a short featuring Applejack’s deceased parents and Magi-Chan was removed when the show moved to the Discovery Family Network.

They made several edits to the show, including removing the topic of Applejack’s parents, probably to keep things light-hearted and suitable for their young audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Applejack marry?
Applejack is married to Rainbow Dash. They only had one filly, Zip Zapple, who is subsequently taken to the School of Friendship by Applejack. She is a traveling salespony that is now residing in Kludgetown but is constantly on the road. Twilight Sparkle vowed that she would see her wife and friends once per moon.

What is Applejack’s weakness?
Applejack’s hard work is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent characteristics she possesses that many people, including me, can identify with. Her hard labor, however, is not just a wonderful strength, but it also feeds one of her weaknesses: stubbornness.

Who does Applejack love?
Rainbow Dash and Applejack, like the rest of the Mane 6, are shown to be good friends for the majority of the series. In “The Last Problem,” there are clues that they were a couple in the years since Twilight was crowned ruler of Equestria for the first time.


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