What Happened To Jake And Tanner? A New Beginning on Patreon!

A pleasant and family-oriented radio program is Jake and Tanner’s show. Tanner Jay and Jake Kelly are the hosts. The Jake and Tanner show airs on 95.9 Kiss FM in the Green Bay – Appleton region Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 10 AM. They discuss a wide range of subjects on their show, including phone scams and different games (like Oregon Trail).

Even though many individuals still make radio listening a daily part of their lives, the business has seen extreme upheaval. Podcasts and services like Spotify have become competitors for people’s listening time. The radio industry has seen a great deal of disruption in recent years, and now Wisconsin is experiencing it as well.

The Jake and Tanner Show announced on November 16, 2023, that it will no longer be airing on Wisconsin’s 95.9 KISS. Many of the program’s regular listeners were curious about what happened when they learned that the show was ending.

What happened to Jake And Tanner?

Jake and Tanner revealed that they had been let go from KISS in a Facebook live that was shared on November 16. On November 15, the couple made their first indication that they had been fired in a Facebook post.

“Thank you all for your love and support. We will be doing a Facebook Live tomorrow to clear the air and let you know what we have coming next. We love you, say it back,” the duo wrote on their page.

Subsequently, Jake and Tanner provided a more thorough explanation of the events on Facebook Live. The two talked about how the last 24 hours had been difficult for them both and expressed their disappointment at being dismissed on a Wednesday of all days.

Jake and Tanner clarified that they had no ill will against the station and that the station wanted the show to move in a different path without them.

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Tanner And Jake Plan To Start A Podcast!

Jake and Tanner declared that they would be starting a podcast that would be funded through Patreon when it was revealed that they had been sacked.

They clarified that the podcast would try to follow the format they had established on their radio show, providing a daily program meant to be listened to on the way to work. However, with a podcast, users could take their time listening to the episodes.

What Happened To Jake And Tanner

They announced that the $5 monthly Patreon charge will begin on November 27 with a Facebook Live show. Following that, the episodes will only be accessible through the Patreon paywall, allowing Jake and Tanner to keep providing for their families and themselves. They claimed that although they were surprised by the development, they were looking forward to what came next.

Many fans expressed their willingness to pay $5 to have regular access to Jake and Tanner, even though they may not have much money, in the comments section of their films. Therefore, it is evident that the show will have a viewership of some kind.

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