Who Is Adele Dating? Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul?

Who Is Adele Dating? Following the release of her comeback album, 30, in November of 2016, Adele has returned to the public eye. After having to delay the start of her Las Vegas residency earlier this year, her performances have finally begun.

In her current album, the “Oh My God” singer revealed some details about her romantic life, including her split from spouse Simon Konecki and hints about her new relationship with lover Rich Paul, a sports agent.

So far, the couple has managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, with Adele using Instagram to affirm the rumors that their romance was in trouble were unfounded.

Rich Paul, Who Is Dating Adele, Who Is He?

A few of Rich’s A-list athletes he represents are LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Ben Simmons. Since 2022, when he left his job at an agency representing musicians, he has been a sports agent. After working for another agency for a decade, he started his own and named it Klutch Sports Group.

According to Sportskeeda, the Cleveland, Ohio native and lifelong entrepreneur started selling vintage sports jerseys from the trunk of his car. In 2002, Paul was introduced to LeBron James, who took notice of the Warren Moon top Paul was wearing.

 Adele Dating
Adele Dating

As time went on, LeBron and Rich became good friends, and the NBA legend even included the aspiring entrepreneur in his inner circle and finally put him to work for his company. Rich assisted LeBron’s agent for a while before starting his firm, Klutch Sports Group, in 2012 with the help of LeBron.

What’s The Status Of Adele’s Relationship With Rich Paul?

When dele attended the Brit Awards, she reportedly wore a $2 million diamond engagement ring, which fuelled speculation that she is engaged. In addition, her appearance on The Graham Norton Show a few days later further fueled speculation that she and her boyfriend, Rich, are engaged.

Graham asked Adele if she was engaged, and she said, “If I was, would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?” She has us all guessing, for sure! Her desire to expand her family led many to speculate that she and Rich were ready to start a family.

How Long Did Adele And Rich Paul Date?

Before they started dating in the summer of 2021, Adele and Rich were good friends. She told Rolling Stone that the couple had their first dance at the birthday celebration of a mutual friend, setting the stage for a perfect first date.

Initially simply friends, the singer later revealed to Vogue, “He was always there. I didn’t see him.” Adding, “I adore being around him,” she continued their conversation. That’s why it’s so great in my book.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Adele Worth?

According to many expert resources, Adele is worth something in the neighborhood of $220 million. The singer and composer have some properties in England, including a mansion in West Sussex estimated to be worth about $11 million.

In 2012, at age 24, Adele became a mother to her son Angelo. The father of Angelo Konecki was formerly in a relationship with the “Someone Like You” singer, but they have since broken up.

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