Who Is Dove Cameron Dating? How She Got From Being Out To Having First Real Relationship

Who Is Dove Cameron Dating: The actress and singer Dove Cameron is a rising star in the entertainment industry. She is just in her mid-20s, yet this actress has already been nominated for and won a Daytime Emmy Award for her dual role in the Disney Channel sitcom “Liv and Maddie.”

She rose to fame thanks to her acting and singing abilities. In addition, she has gone on to great success in the music industry. Boyfriend, her song, was published in 2022. She has been hailed as a promising new vocalist, having won MTV’s Best New Artist prize at their 2022 Video Music Awards.’

In an interview with Today from September of 2022, Cameron discussed the personal significance of her song “Boyfriend.” In 2022, the singer revealed that the songs she performs are “really her,” and the accompanying video became popular on TikTok.

Her short dating history is rumored to have included an ex-relationship with another actor. Since she recently became strong, many are curious about her current relationship status. Cameron discussed the impact her coming out had on her life during a 2021 interview with People magazine.

She felt “more seen and supported” after coming out, which she said she hadn’t felt before. Cameron further stated that she had never “pretended to be anything she wasn’t” and had always been honest and forthright. What else did she say?

The vocalist discovered her own identity via songwriting. After showing lots of PDA in her April 2021 “Lazy Baby” music video, she was said to have a new boyfriend. Her fans quickly began to speculate about whether or not she was dating Alexander, 23, another artist.

The blonde beauty shared a reasonably passionate kiss during her highly awaited music video just one day after news surfaced that her ex-boyfriend presented his new love to fans. Dove said in September 2021 that she is “dating someone right now,” although she did not specify who it was.

The actress joked in her WIRED autocomplete interview, “This was a lot easier when I had a highly public boyfriend.” To put it simply, “Everyone knew everything.”  The former Liv and Maddie star has been previously linked to two prominent individuals.

The most recent was with her co-star in Descendants, Thomas, whom she dated for three years before announcing their split in December 2020. There have been “some speculations and uncertainty lately concerning the status of our relationship, and we wanted to set the record straight,” Dove wrote in an Instagram Story.

Thomas and I broke up in October. It was a tough choice, but we still care about each other and want to stay friends. We appreciate your discretion at this time. You may also check Who Is Madison Beer Dating? and Who Is Kourtney Kardashian Dating? 

Are You Curious About Dove Cameron’s Relationships?

 dove cameron dating
Dove Cameron dating

Ryan McCartan: From 2013 through 2016, the Disney Channel star dated her ex-costar Ryan McCartan, now 29 years old. Though they were head over heels for one another, the couple split up in October 2016. Ryan and Dove fell in love after meeting for the first time on the set of Liv and Maddie in 2012.

Dove and Ryan got engaged in April 2016, and he announced it on Instagram. As Ryan marked his 1,000th post, he said, “Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiancée. I still can’t believe that’s what I get to call you. To those that responded positively, thank you.

Unfortunately, it appeared that the pair had fallen out of love with each other within the short time frame of their relationship, as they announced their separation only six months later. On Twitter on October 5, 2016, Ryan broke his silence about the breakup.

He wrote that Dove has decided that this isn’t the kind of relationship she wants. The affection we once shared for one another has only grown stronger. Be mindful of the fact that this is distressing. They may have broken up on harsh terms, as Dove later claimed her ex “Was cruel to me” in an Instagram post. Ouch! Ryan quickly responded on Twitter, stating, “Take the high road. There’s less traffic.”

Thomas Doherty, her ex-boyfriend whose Dove’s first public breakup was a shambles, but she quickly moved on and found love with Thomas Doherty, 27, who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. On the set of the 2017 Disney film Descendants 2, Dove and Thomas became coworkers.

In an interview with PEOPLE at the time, the singer claimed, “We’re dating. I guess I’m keeping it to myself, or maybe we are because I think it’s more real and romantic if it’s just between the two of us. We’re dating, but we’re not going to talk about it,” she continued.

Dove gushed Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that she had thought about marriage two years before. While she admitted, “I go back and forth on whether that is a thing that I even want to do,” she ultimately decided that “if I’m going to marry anyone, it’s going to be him.”

Dove broke the news of their breakup on Twitter in December 2020. Thus, their relationship didn’t last long. The vocalist of “breakfast” said, “hello, everybody. We broke up in October after a long friendship with @thomasadoherty.

It was a tough choice, but we still care about each other and want to stay friends. We appreciate your discretion at this time. Thomas never commented on the breakup in any public forum.

Dove Cameron Opens Out When Asked About The Rumours Surrounding Her Love Life

Cameron stated in 2022’s Today that she hoped to “find balance” and “recuperate.” Cameron has said that she wants to “find community” and “feel like there’s a life” that she doesn’t have to “run from.” It has significantly impacted her musical career, allowing her to finally write songs authentic to who she is as an artist.

Before this, she said she focused on what readers “wanted to hear.” Since her previous album did not reflect who she is as an artist, Cameron pleaded with her listeners to “embrace this new music” as her “true music.”

“I could be a better boyfriend than him / I could do the sh*t that he never did / Up all night, I won’t quit / Thinking I’m going to steal you from him / I could be such a gentleman,” are lines from the song “Boyfriend.”

Dove has also unveiled the music video for her song “Breakfast,” in which she rewrites history to make a world free of patriarchy. Lyrics from the song include: “I eat males like you for breakfast / One by one hanging on my necklace.” It would appear that Dove is currently unmarried and devoted only to her music career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dove Cameron In A Relationship?

The blonde beauty shared a reasonably passionate kiss during her highly awaited music video just one day after news surfaced that her ex-boyfriend presented his new love to fans. In September 2021, Dove said that she was “dating someone right now,” albeit she did not specify who it was.

Are Dove and Veronica dating?

Dove and Veronica are close friends for no particular reason. You two are best friends; you’re practically soulmates or sisters. We don’t know how they met, but we can assume that the entertainment industry played a role in developing their close connection.

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