What is the Zenless Zone Zero Release Date ? The Next Big Action RPG From Hoyverse!

Zenless Zone Zero, also known as ZZZ, is a video game set in a sad and broken world called New Emiru. The game shows a sad place where a lot of people were wiped out by a big and strange event called Hollows. The people who made the game, called HoYoverse, want us to find out what happened in the game.

Fans are really excited and waiting to know more about it. HoYoFEST 2023, an online event they have every year, will start this month. The company might tell us more about the game and when it will come out during this event.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date: When will it come out?

Zenless Zone Zero is a new action game set in a fantasy city that will be free to play. It’s made by a company called miHoYo in China, and they’ll release it with the help of HoYoverse worldwide. You can play it on computers and iPhones. We don’t know the exact day it will come out yet.

On August 3rd, 2023, Enduins Gaming shared on Facebook that the upcoming urban action RPG from HoYoverse called “Zenless Zone Zero,” has already reached an impressive 10 million pre-registrations, even though the game’s official release date hasn’t been announced yet!

For further detail, you may read this Facebook post as well:

But HoYoverse might tell us more about it later this year. We’ll update this part with new information when we learn more.

What is Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay?

Zenless Zone Zero is an action game set in a fantasy city. You play as a Proxy, someone who guides others through dangerous places called Hollows. As you move forward, you’ll get more friends to join you in fighting strange creatures like the Ethereal. When you use your friends’ powers together, you can do more damage and cool moves against enemies.

What Do We Know About Zenless Zone Zero?

At first, Zenless Zone Zero was planned to be an anime sh00ting game. But later, they decided to include features from other games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. The game will have a new story set in a world after an apocalypse.

Even though it has some things from games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, the main focus is on making the fighting more exciting and the gameplay easy to understand. In the game, players act as Proxies, guides who lead people on exploration missions in a place called Hollows.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date

The Hollows used to be different, but now they’re industrial and controlled by New Emiru. This has made different groups in the game competitive and not get along well. As players go forward, they’ll find new friends who help them fight against strange monsters. Players can mix the abilities of their friends, making the game really fun. Finding new friends works similarly to how it does in Genshin Impact.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailer

On May 13, 2022, the Zenless Zone Zero unveiling trailer debuted. Players see New Eridu during the trailer, which serves as the last refuge for civilization following the “Hollow” catastrophe. Several Zenless Zone Zero individuals can be seen battling enigmatic beasts in these future neighborhoods.

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Zenless Zone Zero Setting Update

Zenless Zone Zero happens in a world that’s been ruined by a big disaster called the “Hollows”. This strange thing made weird creatures called the “Ethereal” appear in different dimensions. New Eridu is the only city left after the disaster. It survives by using stuff from the Hollows.

To rescue people and find out what caused the disaster, players become a “Proxy”. This special person guides others in exploring the Hollows. This is where players use their characters’ abilities, gather important information, and move through the game’s story.


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