“Absolutely Terrible” -WWE Veteran Shocked By Braun Strowman’s Raw Return (Exclusive)

Vince Russo, a former head writer for WWE, doesn’t like how Braun Strowman returned to the company after being sacked the previous year. During a four-way tag team battle on the red brand last week, The Moster Among Men returned in the promotion.

Before killing Otis, Strowman charged down to the ring and destroyed Chad Gable, Angel Garza, and Humberto Carrillo. Braun sent Angelo Dawkins flying into the announcer’s table, sparing not even the babyfaces.

While many praised the segment, Vince Russo on Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws referred to Strowman’s comeback as “awful.” The seasoned wrestler didn’t like how the scene was handled.

“It was awful—horrible beyond words. Listen, I put some of the responsibility on Braun because if I were Braun and had been away, I would first inquire about the preparations for bringing me back before I agreed to anything.

“Describe it to me. I’ve been asked this throughout my career by countless performers who were hurt and on the street. I would explain it to them, and we would discuss it. This wasn’t very good. Not strange, unusual, or at all awful, “Russo replied.

Vince Russo On How WWE Should Have Booked Braun Strowman’s Return

Vince Russo explained what he would have hoped to see from Braun Strowman’s WWE comeback after criticizing the return. The veteran wrestler stated that he would have rather seen the “Monster Among Men” return in a more significant and memorable way rather than by setting up a few tag teams during a match.

“Instead of laying up four tag teams that don’t mean anything, Russo said, “They should have created the stage such that this person comes back in a big, massive moment with effect.”

Last week, Braun Strowman made an appearance on SmackDown as well. He interrupted a promo by Chad Gable and Otis and then knocked both men out with a powerbomb. Who will be his first opponent during this new term is still unknown.

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